safeHands: The Leading Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Brand

With almost over 10,000 stores that carry safeHands® hand sanitizer on the shelves, we are a brand of hand sanitizer leading the pack when it comes to alcohol free hand  sanitizer.   safeHands kills 99.99% of germs using an active ingredient called benzalkonium chloride.  Benzalkonium chloride also known as (BAC or BAK) has been used for years in spray on antiseptics to kill germs.

Our inventor and CEO,  Dr. J Reubens,  invented the safeHands® formula after his own hands had a reaction to the hand sanitizer at his practice.  The application of sanitizer became painful for him personally and out of the need for a better sanitizer( for him personally) came his invention of safeHands® alcohol free hand sanitizer.


Alcohol Free safeHands sanitzers are safe, effective and non-irritating.  


***Please note that the CDC and FDA all recommend hand washing over using hand sanitizer.  Also the FDA has stated in numerous studies that alcohol based hand sanitizers are safe and effective when used in conjunction with the labeling on the bottle.

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