Is safeHands Alcohol Free Sanitizer Safe For Babies?

We get questions everyday from customers and we like to post these questions on our blog so they can be found for our customers. Yes! Our safeHands alcohol free sanitizer formulation make it safe to use on baby’s little hands.  Most of team here at safeHands has children with the youngest one being three years old. We know how curious little ones are and love to touch everything.  We also know that alcohol based hand sanitizers can feel like they burn to young skin.

Our sanitizers contain no alcohol or  triclosan.   As always use adult supervision when sanitizing your children’s hands.

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Please note that this post is FTC and FDA  compliant as we do not mention any brand names.

Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Norovirus?

We had a customer call us with the question: Does safeHands Kill Norovirus?  Although no hand sanitizer will kill norovirus alone, the CDC recommends using soap and water to keep your hands clean.

However a combination of washing your hands and using an alcohol free hand santizer will keep your skin from drying and cracking which will help keep norovirus out of the cracks of your hands.

However the CDC and EPA recommend hand washing and specific products for killing norovirus.


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