I always have ideas swirling through my head about how to approach each essay I put together regarding hand hygiene.

Often, I see something in the news that sparks the fingers to pound the keyboard.  Other times it’s something I witness that makes the words flow through my fingers.

This time, it is a combination of both; a fitting way to put together my 50th blog for 2018.

One is a follow-up to a thing I wrote a few months back about dogs licking humans; on the face, the arms, etc…as they just LOVE to lick.  I hate it.  Here IS a sad report that confirms why I have an aversion to dog-lick-ick.  Click here. https://cbsloc.al/2oHQunO

See?  It’s not that far-fetched.

And now a report about your child’s exposure to classroom pets as our school-year is in full swing.  Click here.  https://bit.ly/2Cl6Psq

Both stories linked above are cautionary tales—or is that tails? (Groan.)  Every time I see an animal lick a human, I cringe a bit.

I’ll never end my mission to educate everyone about utilizing great hygiene.  If you have school-age kids, make sure you discuss this with their teachers and principals.  They MUST provide a safe environment for your offspring in school…especially when kids often touch their own faces and put fingers in their mouths.

Apparently, having animals in the classroom is the rage in schools at the moment.

In our enthusiasm to educate kids about animals, we forget they ARE ANIMALS.  They don’t wash their hooves, claws, fins or paws with soap or hand sanitizer.  They can’t brush their own teeth.

Pets can contaminate even the smallest open wound on human skin.

For that reason, I advocate washing hands as often as possible with soap and warm water (don’t over-do it as that can cause dryness) and at least use a hand sanitizer after touching ANY animal—even if they reside in your home and sleep with you.  That’s another blog unto itself.

That hand sanitizer should NOT be one that is made mostly with ALCOHOL—which is TOXIC, FLAMMABLE and can cause hands to be dry; thus causing bacteria to get stuck in cracks on skin.

The brand to choose is ALCOHOL-FREE.  It’s NON-TOXIC, NON-FLAMMABLE and named safeHands® for a reason.  It ALSO kills 99.99% of germs; even with regular usage, as you get all the benefits of ALCOHOL without ANY health concerns.  Click here.  https://bit.ly/2Hek24m

After reading that explanation about the differences between ALCOHOL-BRIMMING hand sanitizers and safeHands®, a 100% ALCOHOL-FREE product, brings me to the point of this edition of Big Jay’s Big Blog.

We MUST always be aware of our dealings with humans AND animals when it comes to hand hygiene.  I try to never take chances, as we know PEOPLE aren’t always the cleanest creatures on earth; and animals don’t care or know any better.

I can see the hate mail now…

Dear Mr. Big Jay,

My cat and dog’s tongues are cleaner than yours.  PPPHHHTTT.


An angry pet lover from East Jabbibb, Pennsyltucky.

Settle down.

Remember, don’t shoot the messenger.  My sole role here is to educate and share stories that I see in the news that you may have missed—or witness myself.

Please feel free to send ME stories about what YOU spot during your busy life regarding hand hygiene issues.  Perhaps I will use your idea for a future blog.I am HONORED that you read my regular rants and raves.

I’m passionate about how safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer works, and IS a better choice than TOXIC, FLAMMABLE products containing mostly ALCOHOL on the marketplace.

Feel free to SHARE my blog with friends & family so they too are in the know.

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Spread the word, not the germs.



This will look like a joke-setup; so here goes.

Q:  How many co-workers does it take to make you sick on the job?

A:  Just one.

And that’s not a joke.

Now that we are in the post-Labor Day deep-in-the-heart-of September-period, and back in the groove that’ll last until Memorial Day 2019, we all need to keep your eyes open for your co-workers hygiene habits.  Here’s why. https://bit.ly/2wIetb6

I’ve discussed this very topic on numerous Big Jay’s Big Blogs during the last half-decade.  Each time I get set to write about how disgusting some people can be—I find out that I’m not alone in observing this shocking truth.

Then I begin to reflect on my own bouts will illness, likely caused by poor hygiene in some healthcare setting.  But it’s not just in hospitals or nursing homes—far from it.

What makes my stomach churn with revulsion is just how prevalent the act of NOT washing hands IS after using a lavatory.  I always thought the U.S.A. was a civilized country.

Apparently I’m wrong.

I see it all the time.  I’ve observed it in the workplace.  I’ve even noticed in healthcare locales.  And that makes me want to hurl.

I suppose that if you DON’T wash your hands after using the toilet or whatever device you utilize, you’ve already stopped reading.  It’s natural to not want to face-up to your own vile, filthy actions.

For the rest of you loyal readers, I am preaching to the choir.  You already KNOW there is simply no reason to walk out after you do your business without thoroughly washing your hands.

Many of you already use a hand sanitizer.  But, all hand sanitizer products are not created equally.  Most have that big, bad ingredient ALCOHOL as their prime ingredient.

ALCOHOL is toxic.

ALCOHOL is flammable.

ALOCHOL is showing “tolerance” to certain bacteria.

I propose that people like us who DO wash and dry hands responsibly after using the lavatory start “calling-out” people who don’t.  I don’t care if your (gulp) boss is the biggest offender.

Grow a pair and take a stand.  While you’re at it, demand they get rid of TOXIC ALCOHOL as a hand sanitizer and switch to a product that’s 100% ALCOHOL-FREE like safeHands®.

Do you want to miss work because of someone’s callousness? Do you want to take home someone else’s germs to infect your family?

I know how difficult it is to speak up; but when it comes to your health, you must!

Instead of those signs from your local health-department saying that all EMPLOYEES must wash their hands before returning to work; perhaps the signs should FLASH in BRIGHT RED LED LIGHTS, that “EVERYONE MUST WASH THEIR HANDS before the exit door can be opened!

So how about jumping on a new cause, to FIX this issue once and for all? That new bandwagon is called safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer.

Make no mistake; soap and warm water is the first point of thwarting germs from staying on your skin. If you can’t wash (or even if you can) use the correct hand sanitizer.

With the 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer, safeHands® brand, you’ll annihilate 99.99% of germs; just like those ALCOHOL-FILLED brands.

However; those ALCOHOL-LADEN hand sanitizers have issues that can’t be overlooked.

Read the differentiation between ALCOHOL-STUFFED hand sanitizers and the safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE formulation here.  https://bit.ly/2Hek24m

Without drying hands (unlike most of the ALCOHOL-INFESTED brands) the foaming 100% ALCOHOL-FREE safeHands® brand moisturizes while it sanitizes; even on sensitive skin.

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Jump on the bandwagon and “Spread the word—NOT the germs.”

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Spread the word, not the germs.



First, the dateline is Syracuse, NY.  It’s a story about kids playing with ALCOHOL-CRAMMED hand sanitizer, and causing a nearly deadly situation; using it to start a fire in their bedroom!  Cringe at the details here.  https://bit.ly/2PDWr0G

Some of the blame here comes from access to the internet, with kids seeing videos of oafs their age starting fires with ALCOHOL-SPEWING hand sanitizers.

They think it is a joke.  It’s NOT.

Another part of the blame is that ANY CHILD can purchase ALOCHOL-OVERLOADED hand sanitizer at virtually any store in America.  There SHOULD be laws that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to buy products like that to minors.

Regrettably, it will take more injuries or deaths to make policy maker seven think about constructing laws that are truly crucial to the public’s health and safety; even when it comes to children.

Don’t look for that anytime soon, as politicians are too busy fighting over political ideology, getting reelected and having their own pockets filled in some cases.

And yes, some of the blame stems from parenting; or lack thereof.

TELL your kids how dangerous ALCOHOL-LOADED hand sanitizers truly are.

Next, here’s another fire story from Spokane Valley, Washington about TOXIC ALCOHOL hand sanitizer being misused(from of all places) vandalized portable potties.  Click here and grimace again.  https://bit.ly/2wJ2xFV

That story should show you the lengths some kids and adults will go in order to cause vandalism, or perhaps to get a buzz.

Parents, make certain to do just ONE piece of business today, especially if you have any ALCOHOL-BASED hand sanitizing products in your residence.  Throw it away safely, lock it away or at very least, put it in a place that is totally unobtainable to young children and even teens.

The reasons are plentiful, including:

  1. Starting FIRES with ALCOHOL-FILLED hand sanitizers and a lighter or match in your home or elsewhere
  2. ALCOHOL-BASED hand sanitizer accidental POISONIN Gamong toddlers
  3. ALCOHOL-LADEN hand sanitizers are used by kids, ‘tweens and teens in order to get DRUNK

Say this out loud to your kids today. “ALCOHOL hand sanitizers are FLAMMABLE and TOXIC!”

Moms, have the old man (or do it yourself if he’s mechanically- deficient) build an impenetrable locked box, storage bin, nuclear bunker or underground cave, secret staircase, safe deposit unit, hidden laboratory—anything to keep it away from them.

Poison control centers nationwide have seen increases in the number of hysterical calls from parents, because one or more of their small kids or teens got a hold of alcohol-based hand sanitizing products.

Next time you need a hand sanitizer, get one WITHOUT ALCOHOL; like the 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer—safeHands® brand.

The obvious way to sanitize your hands is to use soap and warm water. I advocate doing that first and foremost.  But know that if you extremely overdo hand-washing, like using an ALCOHOL-SOURCED hand sanitizer, you can make your hands dry and produce a potential breeding-ground for germs to get trapped in cracks in your skin.

That won’t happen with safeHands® brand soothing 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer.

The prevention of getting harmful germs seems uncomplicated. My hope is that you react to my blogs in a constructive way. After all; these are your kids!

The safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE patented formulation meets all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended testing protocols, with the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride, kills 99.99% of germs – all WITHOUT ANY ALCOHOL!

Additionally, unlike ALCOHOL-INFESTED products, safeHands® brand moisturizes while it sanitizes; even on sensitive skin.

With the foaming safeHands® brand hand sanitizer, you get all the benefits of alcohol, without any side effects.  The science is here.  https://bit.ly/2Hek24m

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Smart health starts with safeHands®.

Spread the word, not the germs.