Don’t use ALCOHOL.  It’s toxic.  It’s flammable.But wait; there’s more.

A new study suggests that ALCOHOLmay have become less effective to kill certain pathogens like (but not limited to) the SUPERBUG, MRSA; also known as Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Enterococcus faecium.  See for yourself by clicking on this consequential story.

Maybe NOW news organizations will write about ALTERNATIVES to ALCOHOL, like safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer.

For years we have been inundated with ALCOHOL-CRAMMED hand sanitizers.  In many cases those large brands usingALCOHOL (ethanol) as their prime ingredient have become part of the woodworkin many health care settings.

Big money GOT them into those institutions.

Now perhaps, YOU will observe that all that ALCOHOL may simply be not as effective as once thought in certain circumstances.Selected germs are becoming more tolerant to ALCOHOL trying to destroy them.


Those little “bugs” are not as dumb as you think.Bacteria are very resourceful living organisms.  They find ways to survive and reproduce.They mutate.  They adjust.  They’ve been doing it since life made its first showing.

I can’t speak for those ALCOHOL-FILLED hand sanitizer products; but if their makers think that simply adding an even higher percentage to the ALCOHOL in their formulations, that will make them even more toxic – and eventually not work at all if this study is proven to be scientifically correct.

It’s already happened with germs resistant to antibiotics.  I know from personal experience.

Yours truly is the person featured in the entire Chapter 3 of the book called The Fatal Menace of MRSA – SUPERBUG, written by Maryn McKenna; still available at books stores and online.  Do a search.

I just got choked up, as I almost died from MRSA; several times.But THIS is the very reason I write this blog.

My mission is to teach you about having exceptional hand hygiene by simply washing your hands with soap and warm water often.  In addition, I advocate using at 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer product called safeHands®.  It kills MRSA and 99.99% of other germs.

Even after that book was first published in the late 00’s, I contracted more complications from getting MRSA in a local hospital after having surgery.  It became a FIVE-YEAR saga that almost took my life, and left my wife Andrea with PTSD from helplessly watching it all happen.

Yes, it’s like being in a war.  And the germs are often winning worldwide.So MY fight is to get you to think deeply about how to keep your hands clean.

With ALCOHOL-PACKED hand sanitizers, you risk using a proven TOXIC substance that can not only combust if it comes in contact with a flame, it can also SEEP into your skin and into your bloodstream.

And some people DRINK IT to get high. Many of those ALCOHOL-LOADED products can dry your hands.  Ask ANY nurse.

If indeed, another study confirms what this Australian research suggests, you’ll certainly need to re-think using ANY ALCOHOL-STUFFED products to kill many germs that can kill YOU.

Hospitals and all healthcare professionals need to be alert to this research.

There is an ALTERNATIVE hand sanitizing product calledsafeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer.  Get all the benefits of alcohol, without any side effects.  See the science here.

The safeHands® brand meets all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended testing protocols, with its active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride that kills 99.99% of germs, including those in the news – all WITHOUT a hint of ALCOHOL!

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Here’s one GOOD story about hand hygiene for a change.  A hospital in California has NOT had MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)cases that were acquired at the facility in three years.  Read this legitimately upbeat story here.

They should be applauded; as long as this battle continues to be won with TOTAL compliance with every standard to follow in the continuing fight against various hospital/nursing home infectious diseases.

The report above is a start; yet, for every story about how some hospital and/or nursing home facilities are doing a good job, the war IS NOT won on fighting MRSA and other germs.  Click here for the best layman’s definition of MRSA.

But this wouldn’t be a Big Jay’s Big Blog if there was just good news.

So here goes.  Another NEW study taken from data of patients in hospitals run by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care system, shows MRSA colonization pointedly increases the hazard of MRSA infection; and that a sizeablepercentage of the “Superbug” arises after patients are discharged.  Read this chilling story here.

So what does that mean to you, your parents or grandparents in a VA hospital or treatment center?

Some may not survive the MRSA SUPERBUG!

I was a lucky one.  My story is not for the faint-of-heart.  I got the hospital-acquired version of MRSA after having surgery.  I will spare the gory details; but suffice it to say, I spent about a year in hospitals (during a five-year timeframe) being treated for MRSA related issues.

If just ONE healthcare worker doesn’t wash their hands properly or use hand sanitizer before touching Grandma or your Uncle Louie, they can get an infection easily.

Many of you have loved ones in the hospitals and nursing homes; they can be worse than HOSPITALS!  Click here for some recent disconcerting findings.

Our continually rising HOMELESS situation is not a new issue; but there are some shocking stories raising public alarm in cities like Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Click here.

Cities like San Francisco are having a terrible time with infectious diseases caused by the rising tide of homeless camps on city streets.

We’ve all heard how certain germs are showing a “tolerance” to  ALCOHOL.  See one of my more recent blogs on this page.

Be assured that you can prevent MRSA’s spread with the 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer called safeHands® brand.  MRSA is just one of the many germs that safeHands® kills.

So for your safety AND your loved ones in ANY hospital – and especially nursing home settings – make SURE you bring safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer so you don’t inadvertently spread the SUPERBUG.

We all see those ubiquitous plastic bottle or dispensers in most hospitals, nursing homes and even doctor’s offices.

Why don’t YOU tell them to SWITCH to the ALTERNATIVE to ALCOHOL hand sanitizers.  Say YOU know that ALCOHOL is now shown (in a ground-shaking study) to be “tolerant” by certain bacteria.

DEMAND they switch to safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE sanitizer that ALSO kills 99.99% of germs…the same as ALCOHOL without the potential TOXIC and FLAMMABLE side effects.See the science here.

Report back to me on their reaction.

Since its origin, the safeHands® brand has met all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended testing protocols, with its active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride that kills 99.99% of germs; all WITHOUT a drop of ALCOHOL!

Before they add even MORE ALCOHOL to those TOXIC brands, which of course they’ll do– making them even MORE TOXIC and FLAMMABLE – I have some sane advice.

Wash hands with soap and warm water.  If you can’t, carry safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE foaming hand sanitizer.  Click here to get YOUR hands on safeHands®.

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Remember sitting in front of your TV set on a Saturday night watching the local station playing a sci-fi or horror movie; usually with a goofy guy dressed up as a Dracula-type talking with his dead wife?

Let’s do a modern version of what I’ll call “Bacteria Theater.”

Picture me as your guide to the confusing world of germs a/k/a bacteria a/k/a pathogens.

Each so-called journalist interprets the base story (usually from a press release) and they write the scariest headlines to get more eyes.  BOO – scary!  Here’s a kinda creepy internet version from a worldwide newspaper’s account about Asian research regarding germs when riding on a subway train.

Another chronicle from a TV station claims it’s not SO bad.  This less-alarming version has a reduced amount of BOO – scary!

Which version is correct?  Truthfully, both are.

Some harmful bacteria will show up on virtually any surface we touch daily.  Those suckers find ways to mutate and reproduce better than we can.

Of course, surfaces used by thousands of people per day will have a better chance statistically of containing bad germs.

What I found fascinating is how germs starting miles away can end up where you are in a matter of minutes.  And there are different bacteria picked up at each stop to make the bacterial soup.

All it takes is that ONE badly behaved bacteria to cause potentially tragic consequences.

We must have good and bad bacteria in order to survive on Mother Earth.

Here are the reasons.  Click here.

After reading that information, you see that we do need all kinds of bacteria in this thing we call life.

Some news sources play on your fear of the unseen.  Others just state the facts.

One thing you be certain of from reading the Big Jay’s Big Blog regularly, is that I give you the information (with my own stellar wit) and let you make the choice of how to protect you and your family.

I haven’t had a sore throat in years.  Before I began using the 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer called safeHands® nine years ago, I regularly got them – which isn’t good, as I’m in the radio- biz.  I can’t remember the last time I had one.  My wife is thankful.

I go by the science behind safeHands® brand foaming hand sanitizer.  It certainly works for us, as it can be used repeatedly without any harmful side-effects – unlike those ALCOHOL-INFESTED hand sanitizer products.

When I ride the NYC subway, I observe all kinds of scary things.  And those are the people!

But my intellect tells me that not every surface (including railings – used to keep from falling on some knuckle-head who took up at least three seats due to his disease commonly known by Fun City subway riders as “Man-Spread”) can harm you.

After I’ve touched surfaces where some miscreant germ lingers, I apply safeHands® on my hands regularly.

Make no mistake; soap and warm water is the first point of preventing germs from staying on your skin.  If you can’t wash (or even if you can) please use the right hand sanitizer.

With the 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer, safeHands® brand, you’ll destroy 99.99% of germs with its foaming, agreeable feeling ingredients.

Those ALCOHOL-FILLED hand sanitizers have concerns that can’t be overlooked.

Read about the differentiations between ALCOHOL-STUFFED hand sanitizers and the safeHands® 100% brand here.

Without drying hands (unlike most of the ALCOHOL-INFESTED brands) the 100% ALCOHOL-FREE safeHands® brand moisturizes while it sanitizes; even on sensitive skin.

Bottles of the foaming safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer is sold at®.  Click here to order.

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Stay tuned for the next chilling edition of “Bacteria Theater.”

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ALCOHOL products in the wrong hands can be devastating if ingested, especially by children.

And now, ALCOHOL used in hand sanitizers, may not be as potent as once thought in the effort to kill germs.

The news of late hasn’t been kind to ALCOHOL-BURDENED hand sanitizing brands.

I almost feel badly for them.  But I can’t, because there are ALTERNATIVES to using ALCOHOL-FILLED products that (according to a new study) may be losing the war with some bacteria.

There are substitutes; especially safeHands® brand, the leading 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer.  The active ingredient insafeHands® brand is NOT ALCOHOL.  But you get all of the benefits of ALCOHOL without the side-effects with safeHands®.

But if you hear, read or see a story about these frightening hypotheses, you NEVER find out there ARE CHOICES other than ALCOHOL!

Why?  I declare it’s due to lazy journalists, pure and simple.  They usually just see the initial study or a press release, and then copy what it said.

Or, it is possible that the ALCOHOL-STUFFED product makers have spent years heavily marketing ALCOHOL as the be-all-to-end-all.

Even hospitals bought into that.

How lethargic can my journalistic brothers and sisters be?  It may seem like I am against journalists.

On the contrary, I was one myself early in my career.  What I can’t fathom is that I have yet to find a broadcast, print/internet journalist, commentator, blog writer or podcaster even SUGGESTING there are alternatives to ALCOHOL-BRIMMING hand sanitizer products on the market.  If you find one, point them out.  I will congratulate them in my blog.

We now know there’sstrong evidence in that recent study showing that certain bacteria are “TOLORANT” to ALCOHOL.  This story has been spreading like – GERMS – across the globe.

Rather than repeat my last Big Jay’s Big Blog, I’ll give you further accounts of this major story that may affect YOU; especially if you continue using an ALCOHOL-FILLED product.  Click here.

In the above account about this study, they NEVER SUGGEST there’s AN ALTERNATIVE.

Here’s another mostly well-written version of the initial; again without questioning if another product might do the same thing that ALCOHOL can do (killing most germs) without the potentially harmful side-effects.  Click here.

See?  It’s almost as if they don’t WANT to probe more deeply into this issue.

I am putting all journalists, talk show hosts, bloggers and podcasters on notice.

I read, watch and listen to everything I can of regarding hand sanitizers.  You can too, by having a Google® alert with the words “Hand Sanitizer” sent to you daily.  This way, you can monitor this explosive story and come to your own conclusions.

Let’s be straight here.  There is a COMPLEMENTARY product calledsafeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer, where you obtain all the benefits of alcohol, without any side effects. See the science here.

Since its inception, the safeHands® brand has met all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended testing protocols, with its active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride that kills 99.99% of germs, including those in the news – all WITHOUT a trace of ALCOHOL!

Not one study has shown that Benzalkonium Chloride is tolerant or resistant to 99.99% of germs, as the study on ALCOHOL-LOADED sanitizers identified.

Before they add even MORE ALCOHOL to those brands (which of course they’ll do and is counter-intuitive) and perhaps be even MORE TOXIC and FLAMMABLE, I have some sane advice.

Wash your hands with soap and warm water.  And if you can’t, bring alongsafeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE foaming hand sanitizer.  Get it here to get YOUR hands on safeHands®.

Or, buy bottles ofsafeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer via®.  Click here to order.

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You don’t know where Max or Bella’s tongue has been.

I’m not a dog-person.  Don’t get me wrong, but I only tolerate dogs.

When I was young, we had a puppy.  Suddenly, days later, the puppy was gone for reasons never totally explained.  It might have been that it yelped all the time, as my dad went to bed early to get up way before dawn to go to work.

It was as if we never had the pup.  I can’t even remember its name.

But I do remember it licking my face.  I hated that.

I still hate it.

Now,I have somewhat of a reason to STILL not care to be licked by any dog.  There seems to be a few benefits to dog-licking, but now, others say it may not be so good after all.  Click here for shocking details.

Draw your own conclusions.

Just remember, dogs are transporters of various types of bacteria and viruses that are the root of some diseases in humans!

Both our son and daughter have dogs.  Son has two – daughter has three.

They all lick me.  Plus, son has three cats as well.  In my teens I realized I’m allergic to cats!  The visits are antihistamine-filled.

When I was still living at home with mom and dad, we had a couple of felines.  One was “T.C.” named after the ‘60s Hanna-Barbera cartoon TOP-CAT, and the other I named “IRVING.”

Irving was a strange dude; running down the hallway, jumping up to bite my little brother on the tush.  I laughed and laughed uncontrollably.

Note that Irving had gotten hit by a car after running onto the roadway.  My dad (bless his heart) picked-up the mangled kitten and placed him in the trash can in front of the house thinking Irving was dead.

When he went out before work to bury the kitten, he meowed quite loudly.  Dad was a hard guy; yet he took the kitten to the vet where it was found to have two broken front legs and some head trauma.  That might explain why the cat used to jump up and bite my brother on the arse.  Irving was nuts.

He climbed walls in the basement where yours truly had his hideawaymusic room/bedroom.  Often, for no apparent reason, Irving would rip my (now) priceless posters of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Doors with his claws.  I was incensed…and peppermints.

Please know I would NEVER willingly hurt ANY animal, so stop writing the hate-mail now please.

But;now back to this dog-licking thing.

Dogs (and I suppose cats too) carry things in their mouths that could affect you IF it gets into our mucus membranes or even a wound that is open.  And you can be infected by an animal biting you.

Listen, whenever our offspring’s animals lick me, I LUNGE for the safeHands® brand hand sanitizer. It kills 99.99% of germs.  I usually wash the part of my body that was affectionately licked with soap and water first.

Then (because I simply don’t want to take chances) I spray on the foaming 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizersafeHands® after the hand washing.  Our grand-pets always lick my hands for unknown reason.

With safeHands® brand hand sanitizer, you get all the benefits of alcohol, without any side effects.  Read the science here.

Plus, the 100% ALCOHOL-FREE safeHands® brand moisturizes while it sanitizes; even on sensitive skin.

With ALCOHOL-FILLED hand sanitizers, you’re using a TOXIC product that’s flammable, can be ingested causing inebriation, is absorbed into your skin – into the bloodstream and let alone, possibly leaving your skin dry.

Make the right choice.

Purchase safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer via AMAZON.  Click here.

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We’re in the midst of beach season.

And whether you’re going to the ocean, a sea, a bay or even a lake or pond, some of the germs lurking in the sand and water can be quite harmful to you and your kinfolk.

I can’t believe I used kinfolk in a sentence.

My eyes bulged, almost popping out of my sockets when I read this story about stuff I haven’t givenmuch of a thought before.

Let’s see if you get “cartoon eyes” – when the characters eyes bug-out of their head on springs – then just as quickly go back into their sockets.

I’ll help you make the mental image.

(Sound effects – A “Plink”sound, made with two strings plucked on a violin, and then, a spring sound – “Boing!”)

Now, read the story to see for yourself. Click here.

OK now.  Who knew that many ghastlysubstances are not just in the water, but alsoin the sand!That means, it gets on your feet AND the parts of your body where you plant your half-naked flesh.  That thought makes me shudder for a variety of reasons.

That brings me to my thoughts about taking precautions no matter where you are, half-naked or not.

Remember, some of those bacteria have been around since the Jurassic era or before!

Perhaps you should study beach water-quality reports before you go swimming.  I do.  Some beaches are closed if contaminants get above a specific number.  Others “allow” you to swim if they are just below.  I know…ugh.

Also, protect yourself with a really high number sunscreen.

Drink bottled water to stay hydrated in the heat.

If you’re in the ocean, try to not open your mouth.  Also, beware of Great Whites, the Chicken of the Sea® Mermaid, Diver Dan (there’s an oldie, look it up) and rip currents, also known as riptides.

Pick a beach that doesn’t allow dogs, as, you know they “go” anywhere. Some owners aren’t the most thoughtful.

Accordingly, at least use some kind of footwear when walking in the sand as all kinds of nasty things can get on your feet.  If you have any open cuts or sores, that advice is especially helpful.

Take a shower immediately after swimming if it’s available.  Many ocean beaches offer that service.  Here in NJ, you have to PAY to use almost all beaches!  What? I know, right?

If you have bad bacteria on your body, you carry that with you when you enter your vehicle and then your home or hotel room before taking a shower.  It gets on your seat, steering wheel, shifter, radio button, and floor, door handles – and later, in your own abode or no-tell-motel.

Why chance that?

Carry a hand sanitizer in your beach bag.  USE IT OFTEN when you’re at the beach.

But, don’t make ablunder regarding the KIND of sanitizer.

Brands containing mostly ALCOHOL should make you recoil.


Why would you put something on your beautiful skin that could seep into your bloodstream?  Or, being near an open flame and the stuff on your skin possibly bursting into flames?

It’s beyond my intellectual capacity.

Instead, use the 100% ALCOHOL-FREEbrand of hand sanitizer, safeHands® which also kills 99.99% of germs.

With safeHands® brand hand sanitizer, you get all the benefits of alcohol, without any side effects.  Click here for the science.

Mind you, safeHands® brand does not kill viruses.  But safeHands® DOES kill almost every BACTERIUM that can make you sick, without the risk of toxicity, and (unlike ALCOHOL) can’t make you inebriated.

Get safeHands® brand directly from the website here.

Or, purchase bottles of the foaming safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer via AMAZON.  Click here to order.

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