Prepare to feel disturbed. I apologize in advance.

A new study has shown that when you try on new clothes you may come in contact with more than you would expect.

This includes everything from body secretions of every possible type including all of their bacteria samples, to bed bugs and everything gross in between.

Now that I got your attention (if you haven’t already hit the back button because you didn’t want to regurgitate) let me educate you on why you need to take safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer with you virtually everywhere.

Here’s an article I stumbled upon in the Femail (correct spelling) section of the UK newspaper’sThe Daily Mail digital edition.

Phew. I’ll bring TWO bottles of safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer with me next time I need a new pair of jeans JUST in case some oaf didn’t bathe before trying them on before me.

You see, many people are simply slobs.

Some don’t know they are oafs, so in a way you must forgive them. But if you’re reading this edition of the Big Jay Big Blog, I figure you must be here for a reason, because you have a reasonable conscience and truly do care about your hygiene.

You already know as a citizen of a supposed civilized world, one must at least attempt to think about other people. At least that’s the way I think of you.

The most sickening thing is the fact that people simply don’t wash their hands often enough for my way of thinking—and likely yours.

That said; think about this while you’re shopping for anything.

Someone else almost certainly touched that product, whatever it is before you did.

It’s also likely someone touched it recently.

So everything and I mean EVERYTHING they touched before you did, can theoretically be left behind after that. Gulp.

Then we must analyze just what happens when people try on things in stores.

If they put on a pair of pants (male and female) their potentially germ-ridden private parts of all kinds touched or possibly secreted on the garment; sometimes by accident.

The same goes for blouses, hats, shoes (ewww) belts and any other accessory like sunglasses—and the list goes on and on.

I haven’t even begun to tap into every product you grab when you shop for anything to put in your shopping cart (or basket or wagon, depending on which part of the country you’re from) that someone else touches before you put your hands on it.

Thus, I implore you to help this whole situation.

If people insist on going out, at least try to shower before you do. If you insist on using a store’s restroom, be smart and at least wash your hands after you do your thing.

And for heaven’s sake, if you DO purchase a clothing item, put it in your washing machine as fast as you can, because, ya know…germs!

I used to think I was nutty for washing the lids on cans before opening them. Then one day I read a story about mouse-droppings in food store warehouses, and that sealed the deal. I wash EVERY CAN’S top before using the can opening. And then I clean the can opener after every use. It may seem like overkill, but too bad.

Morale: Please be clean when you try on clothes. Please wash your hands and use an ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer like safeHands® before touching things. And do the same before and after you put stuff away either in a closet or on your pantry shelf.

For information about safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of bacteria, click here.

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I’ve begun to think everything is out to kill us.

The most up-to-date thing to lose sleep about is when we get medical tests that include frequently-used scopes.

It’s been discovered many may be contaminated by bacteria! Click this link for bloodcurdling details.

Raise your hand if you’ve had any type of scope inserted into your body.

You in the back row…come on…you had both a colonoscopy and an endoscopy recently. I can tell by the look on your face.

It’s creepy enough to have ANY hose pushed into places you normally don’t want them; but when you read that almost THREE QUARTERS (71%) of these devices aren’t cleaned properly, its grounds for alarm.

Let’s back up.

When doctors send us to a surgical center or hospital for a test, there should be total assurance prior to any procedure, that the instruments used are as uncontaminated as feasible.

However; when a paper was published recently in the American Journal of Infection Control pointed out that the entire health-care business, from hospitals, surgical centers, the people who produce the devices and regulators attempting to reduce bacterial contamination aren’t getting the job done—something is terribly wrong.

I hate hoses. I’ve luckily been asleep or in a twilight state when I’ve had colonoscopies.

My wife Andrea had an extraordinary event happen during one of those procedures a few years ago, when she aspirated during the process, rapidly causing what’s called “chemical pneumonia” and a two-week hospital stay.

Her health’s been affected ever since, with one lung permanently scarred.

I am not asserting that she got that from a contaminated device; but it shows that things can go wrong.

I’ve had some life-altering events that should have been relatively ordinary; but days after a surgical procedure at a hospital, I was diagnosed with the deadly staph infection called healthcare-associated MRSA—Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

That means something or someone in the hospital transferred that staph infection to me via direct contact.

I realize this is an apples and oranges comparison regarding sterilizing instruments and contaminated hands; but it’s all about hygiene.

Ask your doctor to double & triple check that all of the instruments inserted into your body are as germ-free as possible.

Bluntly—they probably don’t know!

Thus; how could YOU know how clean re-used or even new out-of-the-box devices are as bacteria-free as possible?

This is why whenever I’m in any medical setting, I bring my safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer with me. It kills 99.99% of germs. Before ANYONE comes near me, I always ask them to use it as well.

They likely squirted some TOXIC, FLAMMABLE and possibly skin-drying ALCOHOL-FILLED hand sanitizer on their hands before entering my cubicle—or none at all.

Nurses and doctors are very busy. Sometimes their duties are too hectic to remember to protect their patients from every type of bacteria you can imagine invading your body.

That’s why I insist.

You need to do the same.

I recommend clicking on the safeHands® brand website ( for more details about how you and your healthcare providers can be protected; being as hygienic as possible.

Of course, hand washing is the first option. Then, using a NON-TOXIC and NON-DRYING product like safeHands® brand is so important!

Starting immediately, DEMAND to know the procedures used by any health facility about HOW competently they clean their devices for ANY test you’re having.

And DEMAND they wash their hands and use safeHands® brand ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer instead of TOXIC ALCOHOL-FILLED brands.

Your life may depend on it.

With safeHands® brand hand sanitizer, you get all the benefits of alcohol, WITHOUT any side effects!

 For extra information and science about the safeHands® brand, now. Click here.

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Why do many lazy reporters or even health-care professionals who write stories about hygiene, hand washing and hand sanitizers, almost always write that people should use an ALCOHOL (ethanol) LOADED product?

Here is just ONE of thousands of examples of reporters (and in this case, a nurse) just re-writing things that have been written before by others. Read here.

This writer didn’t do all of her homework.

I am not picking on this person. I know she meant well. Telling people to wash their hands is commendable unto itself.

I’m merely trying to show there are choices!

At safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer, we take pride that there even is a WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) WORLD HAND HYGEINE DAY on May 5th

Washing hands with soap and warm water, AND adding a hand sanitizer like safeHands® brand that is 100% ALCOHOL-FREE, while killing 99.99% of germs, is an uncomplicated thing to do!

As we celebrate World Hand Hygiene Day, most reporters, or even health-care commentators will usually write or say to use an ALCOHOL-LADEN hand sanitizer.

Some may have gotten their degrees in “Nonsense” from the University of Unawareness, located in SLICKPOO, IDAHO.

Look it up. There is an authentic town named SLICKPOO in Idaho!

I’ve begun the process of writing to each reporter or commentator who writes narratives about hand hygiene to do their research.

They’ll discover there are alternatives to hand sanitizers FILLED with ALCOHOL!

I have YET to hear back from one of those reporters or commentators.


WHY you ask? WHY the name of a real town in Arizona!


Wait—this is almost too easy.

WHYNOT is an actual designation of an unincorporated community in North Carolina!

And, there are also towns named—NIMROD, Minnesota, DING DONG, Texas and many more. Have fun looking here.

Back to WHY reporters and people who comment about hand hygiene are not informing readers about ALTERNATIVES to ALCOHOL.

They clearly don’t know (yet) there are options, like the NON-TOXIC 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer safeHands® brand that also kills 99.99% of germs—just like ALCOHOL-LADEN brands.

I like to scare the SLICKPOO out of those “journalists” and even some health-care professionals after their editor reads my comments in their publication or website. Once they are aware of replacements to using ALCOHOL, perhaps they’ll write a new version of the story or press release.

As I was writing this blog, I went back to the above linked account in a local newspaper about World Hand Hygiene Day on May 5, 2018.

My comments were taken down. It’s shocking!

The newspaper’s editor got rid of my comments!

I wasn’t condescending or malicious.


I was simply telling them there are opportunities to discover a different type of hand sanitizer to use—just as effectively. See the science here.

My mission is education; while spreading the mantra that ALCOHOL on your HANDS can be toxic.

There have been thousands of reports about kids and even adults ingesting ALCOHOL-BASED hand sanitizers by accident, and, some deliberately!

Did I remind you that ALCOHOL-BLOATED hand sanitizers are also FLAMMABLE? Just do a web search for flammable ALCOHOL hand sanitizers and you’ll see for yourself.

So the next time you read something about hand sanitizers and the writer didn’t give ALL of the facts, perhaps YOU should write to them, saying people should avoid using a product that has over 60% ALCOHOL; and to try a true alternative, safeHands® brand ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer.

It’s the most extensively tested and leading ALCOHOL-FREE product of its kind.

With safeHands® you get all the benefits of alcohol, WITHOUT any side effects!

For more information about safeHands® brand—click here.

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This sucks AND blows all at the same time. Settle down; I’ll explain.

A few years ago, I wrote a blog about how nasty it seems to use hot- air-blowing hand dryers in restrooms. When I wrote that Big Jay’s Big Blog, there was nowhere nearly as many installed as there are now.

The growth of electric hand-dryers happened in the first place due to supposed money-savings, egged-on by tree-huggin’ types who claimed paper was a waste of trees—and unsanitary.

The first dryer appeared in 1948, 70 years ago.

Spring ahead to 2018 and these omnipresent “turned around vacuum cleaners with monstrously powerful heated blowers”have been installed in countless restrooms across the country.

It’s rare to find places that still use paper towels. There are exceptions.

Ever go to the restroom at a swanky wedding, aritzy restaurant or slick gambling casino where an “attendant” HANDS you a towel while putting his hand out for a tip, or there’s a pre-piled paper stack right by the sink, and he STILL wants a tip on a tray?

What a racket.

Back to the sickening matters at hand.

You’ve likely encountered these windy behemoths.

When you can see the skin on your hands flapping the moment these mega-powerful wind-machines are turned on, imagine what is being potentially blasted on to YOUR hands?

Well, another newer study shows what I mentioned years ago. Except this time, it’s (perhaps) the slightly less windy blow dryers that may be the bigger culprit of unsanitary actions. Here’s a scientific view.

Now it has been determined to possibly be deadly according to this account. Here’s the common-person report.

Will these devices evaporate anytime soon?

There must be a “Hand dryer lobby group” out there. And their “hot air” will blow away the flimsy “paper towel lobby” organization. Here’s a sample of a release from a hot-air blower company. This is a lobbyist’s dream.

Uh—what happens in a rest room? Bacteria or spores via fecal matter fly all over the room with every flush. Then, if these germs get sucked up into these hand-drying eyesore hunks-of-metal, it possibly spewssickening microorganisms on to your hands—the very skin you just washed (hopefully with soap and warm water) in an effort to simply rid them of water!

I’d rather ring my hands (a funny visual) or just shake the water off.

By now, the hand dryer lobby will say, “But there are filters inside these devices that shield the public from bacteria.”

And I’ve got some swampland in Florida I’d like to sell you.

Let’s say there are filters that get rid of some germs. What about the microbethat gets away and makes me sick?

PLEASE consider this. After washing your hands, try to let them dry naturally and thenfor extra protection, grab the hand sanitizer that is 100% ALCOHOL-FREE called safeHands® brand that kills 99.99% of bacteria. See the science at

Alcohol is a toxic substance. Why risk the possibility that an ALCOHOL-FILLED hand sanitizer could ignite if near a flame? And those ALCOHOL-LADEN sanitizers could DRY your hands, causing cracks in skin—a haven to bacteria.

Ask ANY nurse. They’ll explain why they dislike the ALCOHOL-CRAMMED sanitizers the hospital makes them use.

So, what will happen now that the WIND is out of the bag? Likely, there’ll be more paper towels back in rest rooms.

But perhaps, businesses that have public restroom facilities will add safeHands® brand on a hands-free dispenser as the much better alternative to those ethanol-loaded products.

The answer my friend is blowing in the restroom!

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Now that’s a lot of words for a New York Post headline. They are famous for “HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BAR”, and “BOOTIN”,  “PUTIN”, ” GRABOTAGE”, “NOPRA” etc…

The “Your Hospital Bed Is Probably Full Of Deadly Germs” headline wasn’t on the FRONT page of this rag but in this case the NY Post is dead on.

And I used the word “dead” on purpose.

Here’s what the tabloid reported.

The number 583% scared the Staphylococcus out of me!

However; the newspaper is reporting what I already knew.

Many hospitals nationwide do not clean their patient rooms (whether in the ER or in their other rooms with a bed) properly.

Following a CDC report about “nightmare bacteria” resistant to known antibiotics, a new report by researchers at Columbia University pointed out that being in a bed used by a previously infected patient makes the next person’s risk of getting that same bug is 583%!

I contracted the “hospital acquired” MRSA; otherwise known as the SUPERBUG Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus 10 times from 2005 and 2010. Here’s how MRSA is described by the Mayo Clinic.

And it didn’t end there for me.

My intestines were filled with Enterococci bacteria, leaving me with what is called VRE (Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus) which means I’m resistant to one of the only antibiotics that can KILL MRSA; Vancomycin. That made it extremely difficult for my team of doctors to help me; especially my infectious disease doctor. But I miraculously survived.

New antibiotics are being slowly developed as new science is discovered. But we are all in danger, as it can’t happen fast enough.

How DO we get these and other potentially deadly infections simply by being a patient in the hospital?

First, hospitals must, and I mean MUST do a better job of cleaning hospital rooms where patients (and even visitors, nurses, doctors and aides) are.

As reported, many hospitals are rife with infections.

Hospitals are where ill people go. But patients usually don’t KNOW that they can get even sicker simply for being in a hospital room that isn’t TOTALLY cleaned.

I don’t mean just mopped by some non-caring hospital employee who has to see half-naked people all day while pushing a dirty mop. I’m talking about a scientifically thorough cleaning of a room, before ANYONE ELSE moves in there.

You CAN protect yourself.

That is why I ALWAYS have my bottle of safeHands® brand hand sanitizer with me at all times; especially if I’m admitted, getting a blood test in their lab or just visiting a patient.

The brand safeHands® kills 99.99% of bacteria. The biggest benefit is that (unlike ALCOHOL-FILLED hand sanitizers) safeHands® is NON-TOXIC, as it is 100% ALCOHOL FREE!

The hospital staff can change the sheets all they want. These SUPERBUG bacteria are on door handles, curtains, bed railings, telephones, TV remote controls; food trays, desks, bathrooms—virtually everything in the room.

Add to that,the very mattress you use could be filled with leaked contents of the last infected patient; including blood and/or body fluids. Nasty thought, ain’t it?

Hospitals routinely are in a hurry to get a new patient in a bed, often direct from the ER. If complete cleansing measures are not completely adhered to, bacteria can attack YOU.

To be fair, some really good hospitals finally got their acts together and truly super-clean their rooms with new devices and cleansers that kill MRSA, C. diff and other infectious diseases.

Use safeHands® brand, everywhere.

So you’re aware, safeHands® brand ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer kills MRSA and C. diff

See the science of the proprietary formula now at

Don’t become a statistic like I did.

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Leave it to those Brits to write a story for a newspaper and website giving props to cleaning crews.

The above link is a feel-good story for people who toil usually under the radar; the people who clean up your mess.

You noticed the story was ONLY about cleaning people in the U.K. Here in the colonies, cleaning people are almost looked down upon.

Sometimes the scorn is warranted—often not.

It isn’t acceptable to be mocked for doing jobs many people refuse to do, especially when they not only do a great job, but when that’s the only occupation they can perform due to having special needs or  injured in ways we can’t see.

I will defend anyone who wants to work and become useful citizens to a community regardless of where they came from.

NOTE: This blog is not here to debate the immigration issues surrounding our nation at this time.

However; often in America, the cleaning crew originated directly from a foreign country, and due to language barriers or education, they can only hold a job like that; at least until they become better acclimated.

That said, when the people charged with cleaning hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc…don’t DO their job in an exemplary manner—we all lose.

I had an aide come into my ISOLATION room to mop the floor, clean the restroom and to dump the trash. I got this worker fired for NOT putting on the necessary gown, paper shoes, and mask. The person in charge realized just how egregious that act was. The offender not only put themselves in danger, but their co-workers, every other patient they came in contact with and ME.

I was in this hospital because I contracted MRSA while recovering from a life threatening operation. That wasn’t a fun time; nor wasthe next THREE MONTHS in isolation because someone didn’t sanitize the room thoroughly, or take necessary precautions with a post-op patient!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve read hundreds of versions of the stories about a SUPERBUG scare. I’m not talking about beetles or the Beatles—although I’m somewhat of an expert on the latter.

I’m referring to the so-called “Nightmare” bacteria as they’ve been described.

There’s word that a stronger antibiotic is being readied to fight MRSA, which is a staph infection acquired in hospitals, nursing homes and doctor’s offices. There is another version of staph infection, acquired in the community; sports locker rooms, workout facilities, football and soccer fields, etc…

Hospitals (and other facilities where the public touches stuff) need to do a superior job than they have when it comes to cleaning.

Most hospitals have wall-mounted hand sanitizers—unfortunately FULL of TOXIC ALCOHOL. Yes; toxic.

There is an alternative; the one you should DEMAND they use. The 100% ALCOHOL-FREE brand called safeHands®.

Nurses and doctors will LOVE safeHands® brand as it will not dry your hands, even with repeated use!

Cleanliness has gotten a bit better in the last few years. Hospitals had to become more cognizantof how proficiently rooms were cleaned. But it’s not enough.

If scientists and doctors work on ways to cure infectious diseases (SUPERBUGS) their knowledge MUST trickle down to the entire staff; especially the cleaning crew.

If people charged with completely sanitizing a room miss just ONE THING, the next patient or current bedridden person could face dire consequences, like I did.

I do think most people who clean for a living should get some positive recognition for a thankless job.

But please be aware someone’s life could depend on your work!

For information about safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of bacteria, click here.

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I hate it when I’m right.

I’ve been warning everyone who will listen that what you touch can possibly kill you.

Maybe NOW you’ll pay attention.

When laymen like me write about things like “KILLER BUGS,” we are not doing it from the point of view of being a scientist, researcher or doctor.

But, when those “everyday people”(cue the Sly &the Family Stone song) AND the CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) begin to use phrases like, “Nightmare bacteria that are resistant to virtually every drug,” it certainly should grab our collective attentions.

This is truly a MEDICAL CATASTROPHE that is already HERE; ready to kill even more humans!

The CDC has previously warned people of the possible “end-of-days” due to the overuse of antibiotics. Could that happen?


There is an urgent needfor you to pay attention. Read this quite frightening storyNOW.

When the CDC uses words like, “Unusual,” and catchphrases like, “Worst of the worst,” it makes me twitch.

If you have never used a hand sanitizer, particularly an ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer like safeHands® brand, perhaps you should. And there are differences in the two types of products as you will discover.

Like ALCOHOL-STUFFED hand sanitizers, safeHands® 100% ALCOHOL-FREE and NON-TOXIC product kills 99.99% of bacteria; including many that can kill you.

In the story linked above, it notes that antibiotic-resistant bacteria make approximately 2 million people in our nation sick every year!

About 23,000 people DIE yearly – many of those are elderly or weakened by other ailments.

Why do I care so passionately?

I have first-hand knowledge about getting an almost deadly infectious disease; almost a dozen times! That five-year scenario was the nightmare on MY street!

Here’s what MRSA (just one of the potentially deadly SUPERBUGS out there) is according to The Mayo Clinic.

And I also had what is called VRE. Details are here from the CDC.

One of the founding doctors who invented the proprietary formula (we now call safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer) has been on a mission for years to educate consumers about why they should NOT use ALCOHOL-LADEN sanitizer products.

Dr. Jay Reubens preaches hand washing at the first type of defense against deadly bacteria. He also points out why safeHands® can help keep people as free as possible of bacteria on hands as any ALCOHOL-LOADED product; but without the potential dangers.

ALCOHOL is a dangerous substance.

After you finish with this edition of my blog, browse through the rest of the safeHands® website to read some of the basics that “Dr. J”(as he’s known) wants everyone to know about the brand, and why it’s an important weapon against deadly infections, as opposed to using ALCOHOL-FILLED hand sanitizers that are toxic (after all it IS made up mostly by ALCOHOL) and even flammable!

View the science behind safeHands® brand 100% ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer, which also kills 99.99% of bacteria on contact; with the main active ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride, being FDA approved.

In fact, safeHands® brand is the only patentedBAC ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer!

You can read dozens of my blogs that have made many people more conscious of the potential dangers of ALCOHOL-BASED sanitizer products; and why learning why safeHands® brand IS the sound alternative!

You can get all the benefits of alcohol, WITHOUT any side effects with safeHands®.

Feel free to share this blog AND the website so your family and friends can see why safeHands® can hopefully prevent a “NIGHTMARE ON YOUR STREET!”

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