I’m reacquainting you with one of my favorite topics; poor hygiene.

Now that spring is here again, many of you will be traveling via air, rail, bus and car.

But are you sure things like door handles, trays, overhead bins, etc… you must touch inside those people-movers are clean?

Chances are they are not.

Now the dirty rotten truth.

Deadly bacteria lurk at every turn; in places you never thought about.

Read the linked story, and you’ll understand just how much danger you and your family can run into every time you travel. https://goo.gl/kxSIQT

If there is one thing I’ve learned after miraculously surviving multiple bouts of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is that you don’t know what you’re touching.

What is MRSA? Read here. https://goo.gl/hBxc8A

I spent hundreds of days in the hospital during a five-year span due to hospital acquired MRSA.

In 2005, I had surgery for a bowel resection. The surgery went very well.

But what happened four days later when I was about to be released from the not-very-clean hospital was chilling; having a lasting effect on not just me, but my wife as well.

I had never heard of MRSA.

Now, I’m the subject of a complete chapter of a book: The Fatal Menace of MRSA: SUPERBUG.

Get a hold of a copy of this book if you truly want an education. https://goo.gl/NMRUKA

But I learned about MRSA quickly after I went through agonizing pain and 10 surgeries to clean-out my insides and many reconstructive procedures.

Good – no – GREAT hygiene is something I wish every healthcare professional practiced. I am not saying every healthcare worker is a slob.

I simply didn’t realize how many did not practice what they should know about the spread of bacteria.

Here’s another place where MRSA has reared its ugly head. https://goo.gl/rFlMdn And notice the things that must be done to rid just one area of possibly deadly bacteria.

That is why you see the omnipresent hand sanitizer sprayer everywhere you turn in hospitals and other locations today. But those are mostly ALCOHOL-LADEN products.

Those products containing alcohol aren’t tolerated by everyone. And many of them dry your hands so much, the very bacteria you’re trying to avoid can lodge themselves in cracks in skin; negating their very use.

I wish I had learned about safeHands® brand hand sanitizer sooner. Here’s why you should seriously consider using safeHands®. https://www.safehands.com/our-science/

The non-toxic and non-flammable safeHands® brand kills MRSA and 99.99% of germs with an ALCOHOL-FREE formulation; just as effective in killing germs as those ALCOHOL-LOADED formulations without the potential side effects.

I truly yearn that I didn’t have to write this blog. It makes me think of my own mortality at the hands of others who aren’t as careful about their personal hygiene, and the safety of others.

Just watch what people DON’T do after they use a restroom.

It’s enough to make you sick.

When you walk away from reading any of my blogs, please do this one thing. Wash your hands.

And if you can’t wash them as often as possible, use a hand sanitizer that can protect you without the potential side effects of ALCOHOL products.

Get safeHands® here. https://www.safehands.com/shop/
Please practice great hygiene. Good is not enough.

Smart health starts with safeHands®.

Spread the word, not the germs.


Don’t let anyone go through what I did.