This is not about Toyota. My, “Oh, What A Feeling” headline was one of the Japan-based automobile company slogans beginning in 1979 and running through a good number of years in ’80s. If you were around then, you will likely remember it.

I often wonder why companies change successful slogans so much, when the one that stood out worked so well?

I digress.

Something seemingly inconsequential happened to me today. It turned out to be a big deal when it dawned on me that I witnessed something kinda BIG.

My wife needed to see one of her doctors. We have gotten to know the staff of office workers, nurses and even the Doc quite well.

When I casually observed one of the nurses (we were among the last patients of the day) wiping down the arms of the waiting room chairs with a disinfectant wipe,
in addition to the door knobs that everyone uses to enter the examining area, my heart skipped a beat.

Now some of you are already making fun of me for getting excited by someone doing what I think about doing myself all the time.

And that is sanitizing.

But please don’t run away from this blog laughing.

The way that I see it, if MORE workplaces of almost any kind did little things that seem as minor as wiping down the things that can spread germs (especially in a busy Doctor’s office) perhaps many of us (and that means YOU) might not catch that bacterial-caused illness!

Now that IS significant. Thus, my, “Oh, what a feeling” moment.

To me it’s so simple, yet, profound at the same time. Take a moment to read this story. https://goo.gl/vi9M50

The only thing I noticed that put a damper on my Doctors office observation, was that they STILL have the big pump dispenser on the counter where you sign-in, filled with that big brand ALCOHOL-BASED hand sanitizer. Don’t worry, I’m working on the Doc to make the switch.

We know there is an alternative. Everyone from the founder of safeHands® Dr. Jay Reubens (Dr. “J” to us) to each member of the staff, work tirelessly to get the word out that those hand sanitizers with ALCOHOL as their main ingredient can be harmful. Don’t believe me? Read this. https://goo.gl/BM1yEO I’ll wait.

Yet, safeHands® brand hand sanitizer kills the same percentage of germs, 99.99%, as the potentially toxic ALCOHOL gels or foams do. We know alcohol kills germs.

Nobody disputes that. But why risk the potential harm those products can cause?

You will never hear of someone getting DRUNK by drinking safeHands® brand hand sanitizer. Now we are not advocating that you even TRY to drink it; but if you did, it would be NON-TOXIC.

Plus, you will not combust if someone near you lights a match right after you use safeHands®. The makers of all those ALCOHOL-based products can’t say that.

As a consumer, you have a choice.

You can take the not-so-safe road by purchasing an ALCOHOL-based sanitizer.

Or, you can grab a NON-TOXIC, NON-FLAMMABLE bottle of safeHands® — and kill those pesky bad germs that we all despise. See the science here. https://www.safehands.com/our-science/

After all, smart health starts with safeHands®. Here’s how to purchase safeHands®. https://www.safehands.com/shop/

If you’ve ever seen the terror in someone’s eyes when they contract an infectious disease through no fault of their own, as I did, leading to five straight years of prolonged hospital stays and a body that some would say resembles the Frankenstein’s monster; you would understand.

I got sick due to poor hygiene in a hospital.

Which leads me back to my opening statements in this week’s blog. “Oh, what a feeling.”

Perhaps now you understand why watching someone take the time to sanitize the arms of the chairs in a doctor’s office, because they KNOW how many people DO have icky germs on their hands sitting in those places daily, made me so happy!

Remember, if you would like to share YOUR experiences with me regarding anything about hand sanitizers, and especially safeHands®, write to me at


Spread the word, not the germs.



If we know that SANE people can abuse ALCOHOL-BASED hand sanitizers, then why on earth would a mental-healthcare facility put those industrial strength white dispensers every few feet?

I’ll tell you why; because they have been bamboozled into believing that alcohol sanitizers are perfectly safe products.

Wait a minute.

A product that contains enough alcohol to possibly kill you if you drink too much is within an arm’s reach of people who are dealing with mental issues is perfectly safe?

A product that is flammable BECAUSE it contains alcohol within an arm’s reach of people with mental issues is perfectly safe?

Here is a story about one of those types of facilities in Minnesota that deals with psychiatrically complex patients needing extra care, and obviously, intense observation. https://goo.gl/iIY7p7

They have removed those products that their patients were able to get their hands on. Good move braniacs.

As an advocate of the use of hand sanitizers (NOT the alcohol-laden kind) I understand why people want to have it readily available. But frankly, the brands that contain ALCOHOL as the prime ingredient can possibly be more risky than the bacteria they are trying to kill.

Most hospitals, and even your physician’s office, have those ALCOHOL-BASED hand sanitizers within arm’s reach.

If you work in an office environment, you may even have a bottle on your desk. I bet people who stop at your cubical take a squirt right in front of your eyes; especially if they have to touch elevator buttons, candy machines or shake the hands of fellow employees who don’t wash their hands in the restroom. We have all seen those types of oafs.

Even some schools now require a hand sanitizer in the classroom; administered by a teacher or teachers aid. That’s all fine. But please choose the RIGHT brand that won’t potentially hurt you.

But what if people who are NOT dealing with a mental-illness issue use their cunning to drink ALCOHOL-BASED hand sanitizers to get a buzz?

That happens more than you know. It happens in your community every single day.

Kids will try it on a dare. Adults know it is a cheap way of obtaining alcohol; available in virtually ANY STORE IN AMERICA!

But the masses have been duped into believing that those alcohol-based sanitizers are perfectly safe.

I believe ALCOHOL-BASED sanitizers should ONLY be available behind the counter, as they have done in the Scandinavian country of Sweden.

You have a CHOICE when you use a hand sanitizer.

You don’t NEED alcohol to sanitize your hands.


You don’t NEED alcohol to sanitize your hands.

May I recommend safeHands® brand ALCOHOL FREE hand sanitizer?

Here is just some of the science behind safeHands®. https://www.safehands.com/our-science/

So if there is a product that also kills 99.99% of germs, like the ALCOHOL products – why not choose the ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer that is NON-TOXIC and NON-FLAMMABLE?

To me, it’s a no-brainer.

When I discovered safeHands® brand, the choice was clear.

Now that I know better, I choose safeHands® with a proprietary tested blend of ingredients that are safe, don’t blow up if ignited and can’t make you drunk!

Find out how to order safeHands® here. https://www.safehands.com/shop/

We know people are reading my blog.

What we don’t know is how using safeHands® has affected your life.

I am readily available via email should you like to tell me how you feel about safeHands®. I will share some of your comments with your permission in future blogs.

Reach me at BigJaySorensen@gmail.com.

Oh – and feel free to send this blog to your friends and family to educate them on the need to re-think what type of hand sanitizer they should use.

Spread the word – Not the germs!



A nurse attending to my wife during a recent hospital stay had some illuminating words regarding the seemingly FORCED use of the major brand of ALCOHOL-BASED hand sanitizer.

This ALCOHOL-based stuff is positioned about every 10 feet in this several hundred-bed hospital. The substance is almost impossible to ignore.

Get ready – and hide the kids.

There’s strong language.

Here is comes.

The nurse said, “I totally HATE this (BLEEPING) stuff,” referring to hand sanitizers that contain some form of alcohol as their main ingredient. My wife almost fell out of her bed.

The word hate is a strong word. Here is what HATE means according to Merriam-Webster’s online Dictionary https://goo.gl/EHgGCe

But obviously (with at least this nurse who didn’t mind me quoting her—but still wanting anonymity for the obvious reasons) said she was speaking for most, if not all of her colleagues who have to use ALCOHOL-based hand sanitizers perhaps hundreds of times daily.

Let’s go back to the beginning of my quest to make people realize that the huge conglomerate that manufactures that omnipresent ALCOHOL-based hand sanitizers are the wrong type of product to use; and the reasons to switch to an ALCOHOL-FREE alternative to the possibly toxic and flammable products are many.

I have seen first-hand why keeping hands clean is so important; especially in a hospital setting. I told you in my last blog (read it below) that I experienced the ravages of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) https://goo.gl/3TuJHm several times and nearly died.

Part of my story (there was more to happen to me after this publication) is featured in a book called SUPERBUG: The Fatal Menace of MRSA https://goo.gl/BqrDxc by the winner of the 2011 Science in Society Award, Maryn McKenna.

With this mission, I’ve also done everything I can to make healthcare professionals and the general public (like you) realize that hand-cleanliness is so vitally important – and perhaps life-saving.

So after that nurse (referred to above) made her startling statement, I told her she should buy some safeHands® brand ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer, and place a bottle in her pocket, and use that instead of the ALCOHOL-based possibly toxic and flammable product hanging on the wall.

She promised me she would head to her local Walgreens and pick it up. I also told her, “You can also get it online at the safeHands® website.”https://www.safehands.com/shop/

My first incident with contracting MRSA happened in 2005.

Here we are in 2016 and the high rate of increasing consciousness and apprehension towards a variety of bacterial and viral diseases has certainly helped with the growth of hand sanitizer marketplace.

And that in itself is a good thing.

But you must use the RIGHT one; safeHands® brand.

Are you finally realizing that when you use ALCOHOL to clean your hands (and those of your children) you are likely drying your skin so badly that you’re likely to get cracks in your fingers and the rest of your hands, harboring bacteria?

And with prolonged use, the alcohol can be absorbed INTO YOUR SKIN!!

So, if you too, “Hate that (bleeping) stuff, “make the switch to the ALCOHOL-FREE alternative; safeHands®.

The product safeHands® uses the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC). However, not all products with that main ingredient are the same or as effective as safeHands®. https://www.safehands.com/our-science/

Some other BAC sanitizers contain fragrances and conditioners that can inactivate BAC! But the safeHands® formulation has been PROVEN to kill 99.99% of germs from day one of the final product invented by Dr. Jay Reubens, an expert in hand hygiene products and education, along with Dr. Dave Dyer, a world-renowned scientist and expert on the characteristics of BAC.

So you can be assured that safeHands® is the RIGHT formulation, and repeatedly tested to be a SAFE sanitizing product to use on your hands!

Hey – let me know what you think of non-toxic and ALCOHOL FREE safeHands® vs. those ALCOHOL-based brands. Reach me anytime at BigJaySorensen@gmail.com.