Wash Hands And Use Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer Before AND After Eating



As Foghorn Leghorn would say, “Now hold on, I say hold on a minute. You mean we should all wash our hands, and use a hand sanitizer before AND after we eat? Why son, I say why?”

According to an “infection preventionist” in Ohio (a new category of people like me who truly want better hand hygiene) we need to be cautious about what we handle and how we sanitize our hands before we touch things, and subsequently as well.

The science comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention near Atlanta.

Before we eat, we want our hands to be as germ-free as achievable, so why not afterward as well?

The same logic applies to doing other everyday things, like feeding an infant or elderly person, putting in or taking out contact lenses and even going to the restroom.

Yes, I wash my hands before I use a men’s room. I head for the sink first, then do my thing, and wash them again when done.

Washing hands and using an alcohol-free hand sanitizer like safeHands® makes a lot of sense after touching a garbage bag, changing a diaper or touching raw meat and poultry products.

I have a sick feeling there are still people who only cleanse their hands if they can SEE certain “materials” on their paws.

If you work at a restaurant and toil with food products like vegetables and meat, you (hopefully) clean your hands before AND after coming in contact.

If you touch coins or paper currency and don’t wash your hands and then touch food, you will make me speak up. Food workers, Lord HELP you if I see you in a restaurant lavatory and you don’t wash your hands before you leave. Read this little article and you’ll surely get what I mean.

As a customer, I have gotten food workers FIRED for touching garbage, and then touching food, having not even given a second thought about washing their hands.

These things must be discussed by food managers before any of their employees touch food.

The same thing applies to health care service employees at hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities or even a doctor’s office.

Write to me and tell me some of the things you’ve spotted at a food establishment, hospital or anywhere people touch things where they certainly should have cleaned their hands thoroughly before and after.

Email me here: BigJaySorensen@gmail.com. I’ll mention your story in my next blog.

Anyone who comes in contact with the public or even just family members should be vigilant about washing hands and using an alcohol-free hand sanitizer like safeHands® that kills 99.99 % of germs, just like those toxic skin-drying alcohol products that can also be combustible.

I even use safeHands® after I shake someone’s hand; I don’t know where your hand has been before you grabbed mine.

Plus, if you went through what I did (nearly dying several times) after contracting MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) at a hospital, you’d do the same.

If we can prevent just one person a day from contracting some kind of infectious disease, my mission will be a success; hand washing combined with using the non-toxic/non combustible formula that comes from safeHands®.

You can order safeHands here: https://www.safehands.com/shop/

Protect you and your family.

Spread the word, not the germs.


Don’t Touch Your Nose, Eyes or Mouth (And A Couple Of Other Places)

Any of your mucus membranes can allow germs to get into your body – sometimes with disasterous results.

The more I think about it, the more I don’t want to use my hands or fingers to touch my eyes, mouth or nasal area.

I am becoming numb to how many people simply don’t wash their hands coming out of bathrooms, after they touch raw meat or sneeze. It makes me gag; as it should make you do as well, even if isn’t a pleasant reflex.

And that’s the reason I use a hand sanitizer. Some people stare at my wife and I when we go to a restaurant and pump the alcohol-free hand sanitizer safeHands® after we touch the menu. I’ve have more than one friend/acquaintance/co-worker/stranger look askance when viewing us do what simply seems the right thing to do.

Are they judging us as germ-o-phobes? It seems likely.

And we don’t care.

Just think about how many people use that menu in the course of a day? Perhaps hundreds touch it. And that’s after they’ve (perhaps) been to the bathroom without thoroughly washing their paws, if at all.

Sometimes your kids actually use a restaurant menu. Well, how about giving little Emma or Liam a squirt or two of safeHands®…it seems so simple.

But perhaps you are afraid of actually being seen by someone you know who might think you’re some kind of germ-obsessive nut for doing this quite necessary task.

Now, more scenarios:

How about that door handle for that incredibly small rest room in an airplane? Or even the seat belt metal clasp you MUST use? Gag city.

Or, you’re on a cruise ship this summer or at a casino in Vegas, Atlantic City or some other place that has a license to steal your hard-earned money. You’re playing some game, or maybe using a slot machine. How many people TOUCHED those?

But wait, there’s more:

Buttons on candy or soda machines are touched by hundreds of people a day.

And let me remind you, your smartphone is a literal Petri dish of germs of all shapes and sizes.

That little stick they use at the checkout at your local supermarket to delineate where the person in front of you and your items end and begin. And they touched raw meat in many cases, or just came out of the incredibly disgusting supermarket/superstore bathroom.

I could go on and on; but I hope I’ve made my point. It is almost impossible for a human being to be totally germ-free 24/7.

If you do have a chance to wash your hands often with soap and water, good for you, as that’s quite effective.

I can’t resist commenting on just one more thing:

I just read a story about how health care workers (including doctors) stop washing their hands as their shift dwindles. Really? You just touched your patients; some in isolation wards with an infectious disease, and you didn’t at least wash your hands? I ain’t making this up.

So using a hand sanitizer is at least an option. And use an alcohol-free sanitizer. Alcohol dries your hands (ask any nurse), is flammable and quite a number of people abuse it by DRINKING it!

I suggest you use the non-toxic foam-based safeHands® (which kills 99.99 percent of germs) as your alcohol-free alternative to versions with ethanol as their main ingredient.

Please sign the petition to end the practice of selling alcohol-based sanitizers to minors. Together, we will let the FDA know that YOU want it banned. Here’s the link: https://goo.gl/kMEDyg

Feel free to share this blog with parents just like you.

Together, we will spread the word, not the germs.


safeHands Makes a Sizeable Donation of Alcohol Free Sanitizer to Global Hope India


global hope india

Global Hope India is a non-profit that connects global partners with the 500k unreached villages in India and provides the infrastructure and training that establishes measurable change and lasting hope.

Over 75% of India’s 1.21 billion people suffer in rural, undeveloped villages. Many are without clean drinking water, sanitation, food, electricity, education, or medical care. An estimated 900,000 people die each year as a result of drinking unclean water or breathing polluted air.

The children who survive must grow up in a hopeless life of dehumanizing poverty.  Forty percent of children under three are malnourished. Over half of the world’s 53M orphans live in India. Of India’s 400M children under age fifteen, thirty five million are orphans, eleven million are abandoned, and three million live on the streets.

Diarrhea-related illnesses causes malnutrition and dehydration, and unfortunately many of the children in the orphanage that they provide for are malnourished. One simple solution is hand-washing, which is not possible without soap or hand sanitizer. Diarrhea-related illnesses are actually the second leading cause of death for children under five, and it is preventable!

safeHands LLC, under the direction of CEO Dr. Jay Reubens (Dr. J) , has decided to help support the cause. From its beginning, safeHands’ mission has been to protect consumers and give them non-toxic solutions for smart healthcare. His company will make a generous product donation for the people of India.

Dr. J’s passion is to educate the masses both domestically and internationally about the importance of hand washing and the use of safe and effective hand sanitizers.

To learn more about the importance of alcohol-free hand sanitizers, please visit safeHands.com and momsadvocatingss.com.

SIGN THE PETITION BELOW The War Against Alcohol Hand Sanitizers (Can Be Your War Too)

sign_petitionI was in the hospital twice within the last couple of weeks. Both were related to a stubborn urinary tract infection. I was on pain meds, and antibiotics.

Then there were doctors, nurses, aides and technicians all scrambling to make me feel better.

One thing crossed my mind as I was poked and prodded while in the hospital was the fact that I only saw a couple nurses use a hand sanitizer before getting to my bed. NONE of the techs did.

My hearing is still good enough to know when someone entering my room has not washed their hands just before touching me.

I had the audacity to ask if they did. Just ONE said they washed their hands before entering my room.

Now if you’ve followed my blog, you know that I had MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) after surgery; a tale that ended up lasting over five years. I’m chapter 3 in this book. http://superbugthebook.com/

Now read this quick story. It’ll make your knees weak.

I will go to my grave fighting the ignorance and totally unnecessary spread of superbugs through proper hand washing, along with the use of alcohol-free hand sanitizers like safeHands®.

When I asked the nurses that did use hand sanitizer if it dried-out their hands, they all said, “Yes!”

So why would their hospital choose to use a product that nurses (and likely other hospital workers) don’t like to use BECAUSE it dries their hands; leaving them cracked and open for bacteria to hide?

Big Money.

It’s all about money and marketing.

We have the power to be our OWN marketers, by making the US FDA wake up to this nightmare.

M.A.S.S. (Moms Advocating Safe Sanitizers) http://www.momsadvocatingss.com/ started a new petition at Change.org to not allow ALCOHOL-based hand sanitizers to be sold to minors. BAN alcohol sanitizers to children!

I believe that if the public insists on allowing children under the age of 18 to purchase those products, sometimes with the intent on DRINKING it to get high—then the least we can do it make it a hard as possible for minors to be able to get it.

But everyone screams when their precious child ends up in the ER due to alcohol poisoning. Then it’s too late.

The goal is to make alcohol-based sanitizers available only BEHIND the counter at retail stores. Presently, anyone (even underage) can walk into any store and buy as much of those products as want. Nobody bats an eye.

Do a Google search and look up the countless stories of alcohol poisoning and those products bursting into flames. It is made with ETHANOL—some with over 70% alcohol!!!

So here’s what we want you to do.

Take less than 3 minutes of your day to sign this petition which is directed at the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) to tell them YOU want to have them BAN Alcohol Hand Sanitizers for Children.

Without your support, we can’t beat the BIG MONEY that is spent to promote products that can potentially KILL KIDS!

As a parent, if that doesn’t resonate with you, nothing will.

I can scream it from the highest mountaintop; but unless we get some help from Moms (and dads) like you nationwide, your kids could be in mortal danger.

Help support this movement by visiting M.A.S.S. (Mothers Advocating Safe Sanitizers.)

Together, we can make this happen.

Now it’s your turn.

Spread the word, not the germs.