I suppose you saw that the U.S. Food And Drug Administration (F.D.A.) recently ordered E-Cigarettes, pipes, cigars and hookah tobacco be banned for anyone under the age of 18 nationwide. 

While the liquid used for E-Cigarettes (vapor) can be purchased without nicotine in it, the liquids with nicotine are the now the most frequently used way kids under 18 get the drug—more than tobacco cigarettes.

But I’m not here to pontificate about that F.D.A. mandate; although it is the right thing to do.

However with that ruling, NOW is the time for the F.D.A. to urgently mandate a ban of the sale of alcohol-based hand sanitizers to anyone under 18.

And with that ban, the F.D.A. needs to make those alcohol-based hand sanitizers available only BEHIND the counter.

Some of you may be wondering why this must happen—because most people think hand sanitizer is just lotion for the hands.

Here are some sobering stories.

Just one 2 ounce bottle of alcohol sanitizing gel is the equivalent of six shots of vodka or 140 proof! A one ounce bottle of Vodka is only 70 proof.

And the kids that can purchase alcohol-based hand products KNOW that it is a way to get a buzz—without having to go to a liquor store. There is research showing that alcohol-based sanitizer can be absorbed into the skin, causing issues for unsuspecting children and even adults.

Alcohol poisoning is causing thousands of trips to the ER yearly due to this fairly new problem. 

As a result of this disturbing crisis, the Scandinavian country of Sweden has taken alcohol laden gel hand sanitizers off the shelves (over the counter) and secured them behind the counter to at least attempt to take steps toward saving family catastrophes.

The U.S. F.D.A. must act with urgency to ban the sale of those products completely to minors, just like they did with E-Cigarettes, and mandate stores only sell hand sanitizers containing alcohol as their main ingredient behind the counter.

I will be soon be announcing a way that YOU can make YOUR voice heard; not only to the F.D.A., but to your U.S. Congressmen and women, and even state government to make this ban a reality.

Parents—your kids safety is at stake. We cannot sit back and wait for someone else to make noise.

I will be your leader in this mission; and I will not stop talking about this until the banning of alcohol-based sanitizers for minors is a reality—along with the secondary mission to make those products for purchase only behind the counter.

The other day, my wife and I were inside of a local COSTCO store’s pharmacy department. Lo and behold, the alcohol-based hand sanitizer was already BEHIND the counter. I am not sure yet that this is a chain-wide decision or just a local one. But either way, please look in stores that YOU frequent and see where they place those flammable, potentially toxic products.

If they are NOT behind the counter, make it your mission to ask them to do it voluntarily.

Together, we WILL prevail to make this happen across the country.

There ARE alternatives to those products, including safeHands®, the non-toxic alcohol-free hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs. Learn more here.

Feel free to share this blog with parents just like you.

Together, we will spread the word, not the germs.


Don’t Share Your Cosmetics or Brushes (And Other Things To Make You Cringe)

If you share brushes or other cosmetic applicators of any kind with another person, you run the risk of becoming ill!

An Australian woman used a friend’s cosmetic brush applicator, and developed a horrible staph infection that left her virtually paralyzed.

How often do you do things like that?

Picture it. Your little girl wants to play dress up, and you let her use a brush to put on some mascara or other make-up item. You think nothing of it.

But those products you use on YOUR skin can contain germs that you carry; only to be innocently passed along to the next user!

What you may not have known was your child had a small open sore on her face; maybe a minuscule scratch. Before you know it, she spikes a high fever and is found to have MRSA or some other bug.

Although that was a hypothetical description, read that article I linked above about the woman “down under.”

The world is filled with bacteria; some good, some bad. We need bacteria to exist. Yet, some organisms can kill us if we don’t engage in superior hygiene.

On those make-up tools ride microscopic germs that have the potential to do immeasurable harm to you or your loved ones.

So besides making sure you clean all of your beauty apparatus after every use, keep your hands as sanitized as possible with an alcohol-free hand sanitizer.

Why alcohol-free? Because alcohol-based hand sanitizers are flammable (remember, the main ingredient IS alcohol) and can dry your hands, allowing germs to hide in the cracks on skin.

Also, if you use an alcohol-based sanitizer, there’s the danger of your child drinking it by accident. You don’t want your young person in the ER because of using a product like that.

Very soon, I’ll be sharing how you can get involved in preventing alcohol-based sanitizers from being sold in every conceivable location to anyone of any age.

I believe we need to do what they’ve done in Sweden. And that is to ban alcohol sanitizers for sale to minors; and only allow them to be purchased by someone 21 and older—BEHIND the counter.

Together, we can prevent another accident. And stop another adolescent or teen from being tempted to use alcohol sanitizers as a means to get drunk! It happens every day; perhaps in your own neighborhood.

I recommend using an ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizer like safeHands®. Find out where you can buy it at a retail store or via the web.

You know, I read stories like the woman being paralyzed in Australia and just shake my head. It could have been prevented had both parties been just a little more knowledgeable about some seemingly basic hygiene.

And it reminds me of something; don’t share your smartphone! I’ll talk about practices like that soon.

Clean your utensils after every use. Do NOT share them. Wash your hands carefully and often. Use safeHands® alcohol-free hand sanitizer.

I met a young woman at a pharmacy that sells safeHands® just this week, and she said she uses it all the time; mostly because (in her words) “It doesn’t burn my hands!”

Please share this blog with your acquaintances and family. Perhaps they too will be a little bit more careful about their actions regarding basic hygiene practices.

Spread the word. Not the germs.