Here in America, Poison Control centers have observed a nearly FOUR-FOLD INCREASE in calls involving minors somehow ingesting alcohol-based hand sanitizing products as a way to get a buzz. US Poison Control Sees 4-Fold Increase In Cases Of Teens Drinking Hand Sanitizer, But It May Be Worse In Sweden

Over in Sweden (I’m Danish, so they’re my peeps…and I drive a Volvo) police have asked pharmacies to take alcohol-based hand sanitizers off of store shelves and make it unavailable to anyone under 20 behind the counter. Sweden limits hand sanitizer sales because of alcohol-craving teens

This is a similar tactic that prevents people here in the U.S. from making amphetamines from ingredients contained in products like Sudafed®.

This action in Sweden stemmed from too many teens having to go to Emergency Rooms in Sweden due to alcohol poisoning due to ingesting hand sanitizers containing alcohol. In my last blog, I mentioned that there should be a law banning the sale of that type of sanitizer for anyone under 21 in the U.S. Obviously, this is a worldwide issue. Alcohol poisoning by drinking hand sanitizers with alcohol as the active ingredient is becoming chronic.

Will it take the death of a lawmaker’s child to get a law like this passed? That’s usually how public safety legislation happens; after it’s too late. I have seen that happen all too often.

Let’s face it; young people will find any way possible to get wasted. And if it’s legally sold over the counter in drug stores and even Dollar-type stores across America, you know this won’t end this type of abuse. Write an email, snail-mail or better yet, call your local state legislators to get them aware of this issue before it’s too late.
And, get acquainted with alternatives to sanitizers that have the potential to kill or cause serious harm. The safe ones exist with ingredients that have been proven save. Once again, I recommend products like safe-Hands® that have never contained alcohol since the formulation was put together by Dr. Jay Reubens.

I first learned of Dr. Jay when he was on a TV show in NYC where I was the sidekick/announcer for All Night with Joey Reynolds on WNBC DT 4.2. Click Now to see the segment.

When You Don’t Have Clean Water

Flint, Michigan can’t get a break, can they?

By now I’m sure you’ve read that their local municipal water supply was contaminated with lead. Then we come to find out, the officials responsible for the city’s water supply never checked for other potentially deadly things in the water. Not JUST the lead! And if you read this article, you realize that too many people pass the buck.
Flint water never tested for Legionella

Here’s the deal. I’m someone who had polluted water in my municipality back in New Jersey from the late ‘70s into the early ‘80s. We didn’t find out that our well water had pollutants in it that were toxic for quite some time. And the town fathers took years to get it corrected after some homeowners had their water tested. Had it not been for some very well-meaning activists, perhaps the local government (which ended up being corrupt) would never have done anything to remedy the situation and gotten away with looking the other way; and then splitting to a vacation home in Bermuda.

The difference today is we have the internet, and not much gets unreported. I plainly remember (once we found out about the problem) that we never let our kids drink the municipal water. For a while we had to go to the local fire house to get potable water from a tanker truck. That in itself was a pain in the tush; but necessary. Taking a bath was a chore for two young toddlers (they loved it) but getting enough water to bathe was a monumental task.

I was afraid to let my two kids even wash their hands in this water. I only wish we knew about hand sanitizers. And particularly ALCOHOL-FREE hand sanitizers. Imagine not wanting your children to even wash their hands in the municipal water supply that comes to your abode! That’s something the unfortunate people in Flint, Michigan are dealing with. Almost like it’s a third-world country!

So I applaud the makers of the alcohol-free product called safe-Hands for giving at least SOME peace of mind to the residents of Flint, MI. They’re donating $5000 worth of their product to the people of that mid-west city.

I hope they don’t use any hand sanitizers WITH alcohol in them, as we now know that some kids and teens are using those products improperly. And that’s discounting the dangers of absorbing the alcohol into their skin. That could potentially be at least as dangerous as drinking or bathing in the water of that fair city.

There Oughta Be A Law

Another BIG company has produced a hand sanitizer with alcohol in it. It’s possible that someone in a board room said, “Hey, let’s put out a hand sanitizer with our name; but let’s make SURE we alert people who can read there is NO BLEACH in the product. Duh.

Of course that was, indeed, a fictitious scenario. But you can bank on it that the compnay lawyers said they must print on the label that it doesn’t contain bleach.
But it CAN say it contains alcohol, and as long as the alcohol content is reading 71% (as this particular product claims) kids and adults CAN drink it to get drunk. A small child may not do it on purpose, but let’s be honest. Kids over 10 now know more than YOU did when you were 15 back in the day.
And try they will.

Abusing the alcohol in these hand sanitizers has happened with similar products for several years now. Do a search for those stories. And we’ll read in the near future of another overdose due to drinking alcohol-based hand sanitizers. If that doesn’t make your head spin, not much will.

Is there a law saying anyone under 21 can’t buy an alcohol-based hand sanitizer? If there is a law like that in any of our 50 states, I can’t find evidence of it on the internet.
With our so-called, “Nanny-State” telling us what to do and not to do, why ISN’T there a law making it illegal for a MINOR to buy an alcohol-based hand sanitizing product? In cases like this, I have no problem with the government stepping in.

I saw an online advertisement for an alcohol based hand sanitizer “kills most germs in as little as 15 seconds.” “Formulated with 71% ethyl alcohol.” “Provides excellent hand coverage to promote proper hygiene.”

Yet another product seemingly ignoring all of the facts about alcohol laden hand sanitizers; ignoring that kids have and will continue to abuse it.
Ignoring that bacterium can get stuck in the deep cracks of your skin, just waiting to head to the surface due to the drying effects of alcohol.

Ask almost any nurse. They’ll tell you that while using an alcohol-based product does kill most germs, they HATE that their skin is always so DRY from using these products. So here are a few tips. Use a NON alcohol-based hand sanitizing product. There are a few good brands to choose from. Make SURE it doesn’t contain TRICLOSAN, as that’s believed to cause all kinds of other problems. Mom—read the labels. Get educated.

We’ve got to keep our kids safe!
Be smart and BE BIG!

safeHands Makes $5,000 Donation to Flint, MI

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has affected the health and safety of its citizens, especially children. With the lead in the water above federal guidelines, members of the community are getting sick.

Government and school officials have reached out to organizations asking for donations of hand sanitizer and bottled water.
safeHands LLC, under the direction of CEO Dr. Jay Reubens (Dr. J) , has compiled a team of passionate supporters to help the cause. From its beginning, safeHands’ mission has been to protect consumers and give them non-toxic solutions for smart healthcare. His company has made a generous $5,000 product donation for all staff and students at Greater Heights Academy, an elementary school in Flint.

Dr. J’s passion is to educate the masses about the importance of hand washing and the use of safe and effective hand sanitizers.

To learn more about the importance of alcohol-free hand sanitizers, please visit safeHands.com and

Norovirus In The News

Norovirus is all over the news right now; for a reason.
An estimated 23 million people catch this virus every year in the U.S. alone. Now please don’t be squeamish, but norovirus is spread via contact with fecal matter or vomit, in a variety of ways—person-to-person contact, airborne, waterborne and foodborne—and a few other unknown sources.

Often, someone with the virus touches food or shakes your hand or perhaps releases (via sneezing, coughing or touching) water droplets into liquid you might drink. Often, it’s those things we can’t see with the naked eye that can make humans so violently ill.

When we come in contact with it, the norovirus can stay alive on hands for over two hours if not washed with soap and water vigorously.
So what can we do to attempt to prevent from getting this all-too-common Norovirus? If you are in management, tell your employees to stay home if they are sick as one major restaurant firm FINALLY did just this week.

Plus, wash your hands often. Make sure your kids wash their hands more than they do now. But there is a hitch.
Hand sanitizers do NOT kill the norovirus on their own. Don’t be misled. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers do NOT kill Norovirus, as at least one manufacturer of those products has attempted to suggest.

But if you DO wash your hands repeatedly (as healthcare workers and food handlers should) they can become dry; causing cracks in your skin that can hide viruses or infectious germs in the small crevices.

That being said, I suggest using a NON-alcohol-based hand sanitizer—as I have for several years—to prevent them from getting so dry, that the skin develops cracks where these microscopic items can hide.

Once hands are washed, use a product that will not further dry them; possibly causing the virus or even germs from hiding deep in skin.
I can say from my own experience, that since I’ve used the non-alcohol hand sanitizer called safeHands® on my skin, I haven’t had a major cold or any virus that I’m aware of in over four years.

Find out where you can get safe-Hands hand sanitizer now. https://safehands.com/shop/