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Ya still have to wash your hands. Yeah, you. The person working at the restaurant. The one reading the menu that hundreds may have touched today after blowing their nose—or worse. The person in the doctor’s office that just took a check from a patient who is there for the flu or some other icky thing. You, the person on that cruise ship. You, the one at the amusement park; touching handles, bars on rides, etc… You, MOM.

Here’s why. Washing hands is the most effective way of cleaning hands. Repeat. It is THE most effective way of cleaning hands. But now you’re saying, “Mr. Sorensen, you’ve advocated the use of NON-Alcohol-base hand sanitizers.

Aha. But you didn’t “get” me with that logic. I have never said that hand sanitizers alone are the be-all-to-end-all. But they do help in most situations. There is an asterisk on that thought. *Alcohol-base hand sanitizers can dry your hands, and cause those nasty little critters we call bacteria to settle deep in the crevices (microscopic) in your skin. And, those same alcohol-base hand sanitizers don’t hack through the entiregrunge on your skin, with material like: feces, blood, other body fluids or even earth’s soil containing those little bug-a-boos.

Hand Sanitizers, Good or Bad?

It’s enough to make grown women and men become germ-a-phobes. So this is why YOU need to be proactive to protect your children. I am not trying to scare you. But I know from experience(suffering from hospital-acquired MRSA several times post-surgery) just what poor hygeine or lack of hand-cleansing can cause.

I also know that kids need to gain resistance from the millions of bacteria in the world. However; you must train them to wash their hands. And when that isn’t possible, by all means use a NON-alcohol-based hand sanitizer to give them protection. There are some products that don’t contain the right amount of alcohol; making them non-effective. Most of us don’t read labels carefully.

So make the right choice for you and your kids. Make them wash their hands with plain soap and water. In between, encourage them to use one of the products available with NO alcohol in the ingredients. There ARE safer alternatives. Look around this website. Share it with your friends and family. One day the life you save could be your child.


Vol. 2, No. 1

January 1,2016

Do you realize just how many germs we come in contact with daily?

I just stumbled onto a YouTube video aimed at kids from grade 5 to 9. I think you should show your kids this short presentation about hand-washing. Here’s the link:


Ok, so now that you’ve been totally grossed-out by what the woman was depicting, doesn’t make you nauseous knowing just how many people DON’T wash their hands—especially after using the rest room? I had a negative reaction, and I know you as a parent did as well. Perhaps you should review just how important hand-washing is with your kids; no matter how old they are. Repeat the message often.

And then, logically, suggest a non-alcohol-based hand sanitizer for when they can’t get to a sink with soap to cleanse hideous bacteria from their skin. Alcohol-based products can dry skin; leaving it susceptible to cracking enabling germs to imbed in the small crevice, lurking to make humans sick.

If you’re reading my blog for the first time, just know that I’m well aware of the dangers of not washing hands properly, or not using a non-alcohol hand sanitizing product. I had MRSA way too many times to mention, receiving the staph infection after surgical procedures in a hospital. MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) can be deadly, and I was told by a world-renowned trauma surgeon that I’m a, “Walking miracle” for surviving having the infection that many times.

Something so simple to prevent infections and viruses seems like a no-brainer. But in reality, many people you know and come in contact with daily are not as hygienic as you’d think they should be. When show just how dangerous this can be, many people fix their behavior. Others simply don’t care and think they’re doing nothing wrong; when in fact, their behavior can be potentially lethal.

I’d like you to SHARE that video above to every parent and grandparent you know. It’s a bit “Icky” but so necessary to use as an educational tool so you don’t go through the raw heartache of losing or almost losing a loved one due to poor hygiene. We have solutions; including spending enough time to fully cleanse your skin (especially hands and fingers) and using non-alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Remember to share this story and the video above!

See you again soon, and thanks for taking time out of your busy days to absorb the information on the M.A.S.S. website.

Have a wonderful 2016!

Be clean, and BE BIG!

Big Jay Sorensen