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safeHands 2015 Back to School give away is in full swing. We are giving away Backpacks filled with school supplies,
years worth of our alcohol free hand sanitizer along with Kindle Fires.

The contest is easy to enter and with only a few clicks. The more you share, the more points you earn. Each point is like a ticket for a drawing. The more points, the better the odds of winning. Winners are randomly selected by a third party software.

If you haven’t entered you can go to our contest page. Winners will be drawn MONDAY SEPTEMBER 1ST 2015.

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Top 10 Must-Have Back To School Items

Yes… dare we say that summer is almost over? It’s time for teachers, parents and students to prep for back to school. The team at safeHands put together their top 10 list.  If you have your own top 10 or essential school list, feel free to add them in the comment section or visit us on Facebook.

Flash Drive – An easy way to transport data to and from school. Most school work, especially for kids in higher grades
requires a computer. A flash drive with a clip or a key-chain is best for safe keeping

Backpack – Sure you can put lots of files in the flash drive, but it still doesn’t replace text books and folders. There all all kinds of options for this essential must have school supply.

Paper – Essential for all students and of course paper comes in all forms from notebooks to legal to sticky notes.

Writing Utensils – Pens and pencils. The younger kids may only require pencils but all grades require pencils especially for that eraser.

Dictionary – Sure we have Google to thank for a quick reference when it comes to spelling and definitions, but nothing beats pulling out a pocket dictionary when kids aren’t near a computer.

Hand sanitizer – To help the prevention of acquiring or spreading illness in the classroom, most teachers ask for it on their back to school lists. If you are looking for an alcohol free alternative, check out safeHands.

Planner – Whether it’s an old-school planner that looks like a notebook or a planning app for phone or tablet it’s always good not to forget when that big science project is due. There are plenty of free apps out there for any need.

Food or Snack Container – Probably one of the most overlooked of school supplies is healthy food or snacks. You’ll need a good container to keep snacks or foods from spilling.

Portable and Mini/Travel things – Kid already have enough to carry around and there are school supplies that will fit in just about any pocket in their backpack. Some of these items include small pencil sharpeners, small staplers,and glue sticks. For older students in high school how about a stain remover pen?

Index Cards – Used for studying notes or making flash cards. Repetition is the mother of all learning and index cards are perfect for studying in a flash.

This is our top ten list, what items would be on your top 10 list. Comment below or visit us on Facebook.