Institutional Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers

More and more schools and hospitals are going alcohol free for all kinds of  reasons.  The main ingredient in Alcohol Free safeHands Hand Sanitizer Foams is benzalkonium chloride which is just as effective in killing germs as the national leading brands of hand santizers.

The main ingredient in safeHands alcohol free hand sanitizer has been used in antiseptic sprays like Bactine*, eye drops and even mouth washes for years.

safeHands offers our products to distributors who sell to the healthcare industry, hospitals, schools, restaurant industry or any industry that wants or needs to go alcohol free.




* Bactine is a registered trademark of Bayer HealthCare LLC

School Safety and Hand Sanitizer

By now you have probably seen news of fires, attempted poisonings of teachers, and children getting intoxicated from the improper use of foreign alcohol based hand sanitizers.

There are other school safety concerns that can cost a school money in the long run. Storage: Because many teachers ask for hand sanitizer at the beginning of the school year as part of their school supply lists, there may be as many as 25 or 30 bottles of flammable liquids in the classroom. This could very well be an OSHA hazard.

If you can think of any other hazards that we have not mentioned, please give us a comment below.

(Please note this post is FTC compliant as we do not mention any brand names. When alcohol based hand sanitizers are mentioned we are talking about foreign sanitizers.)



Non Flammable Hand Sanitizer For Schools

With all the news happening about fires in schools fueled by alcohol based hand sanitizers, it’s time that we keep our kids safe.

Our line of safeHands® products is non flammable and it contains no alcohol or ethanol.  Most foreign alcohol based sanitizer brands are 62% alcohol or more. (Please note this post is SPI Ohio CV 2012053107 compliant as we do not mention any brand names.)

If your school district or maintenance and custodial crews are interested in our line of sanitizing products and dispensers, then contact us today.