safeHands Hand Santizer Investors

Minimum Investment: Call
Region Nationwide and Expanding
Industry 1: Healthcare Antiseptics
Industry 2: Personal Care Hand Sanitizer
Stage: Start-up but on retail shelves in Walgreens, Albertsons and have healthcare distribution.

Investment Reason: Manufacturing, Working Capital.  We are set up with another enormous retailer but as soon as they send a Purchase Order we’ll need the capital for manufacturing.


The market is hotter than ever because of the FDA’s announcement about seeking more safety data on healthcare antiseptics.

…sales of gels and wipes in the U.S. soared more than 70% year-over-year to $118 million in the 24 weeks ended Oct. 3, 2009, at the peak of the swine flu epidemic, according to data released at the time by market research Nielsen.

Going forward, sales are expected to increase modestly to just over $226 million by 2018, the report says.


Invest In safeHands – The Future of Antiseptics

safeHands produces an alcohol-free hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of germs and is non-toxic, non-flammable, and does not dry the skin. Hand sanitizers are a $400 million market in the US dominated by alcohol-based products. However, the alcohol-based products are being misused by teens who drink them to get intoxicated or light them on fire to do magic tricks.

Recently the FDA has expressed concerns about the long-term effects of alcohol-based hand sanitizers on healthcare workers, particularly pregnant or breastfeeding women. When used frequently, the alcohol can get into the bloodstream posing a long-term systemic risk.

As consumers and the healthcare community look for alcohol-free alternatives, safeHands is well-positioned to take its share of the market. The company’s products are carried by major retail chains. Medical distributors also carry the safeHands line, as do international distributors. The company is raising capital to fund projected rapid growth and anticipates a sale to a large consumer products company in three to five years

Prevent Colds and Flu: Alcohol Free safeHands!

While hand washing using soap and water is still the best way to kill germs and prevent the spread of diseases, it is not always feasible. This fact is particularly true for people who are lovers of the outdoors or frequently on the go. Of course, hand cleansing is also advised for children.

Children are known to pick up germs everywhere. Kids are known to play outdoors, touch “dirty” stuff and put those things in

their mouth. If their parents are not very careful, these children can be at risk simply even while playing within the confines of their homes. It is therefore important that parents encourage their children to wash their hands frequently and when that is not possible (especially when kids are outside of their homes), use the best hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizers come in different varieties. Each brand also contains varied alcohol content. Of course, there are also non-alcohol based hand sanitizers and there are alcohol free foam hand sanitizers.

Alcohol Free safeHands hand sanitizers are ideal for environments where a non-alcohol hand sanitizer is required. Safe, effective and non-irritating. Kills 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness.


Keep your kids germ free this cold and flu season.

What does the CDC say about alcohol free hand sanitizers?