Hand Sanitizer Puts Out Hand Sanitizer Fire

We are sure by now you have seen the news where people have ingested or used hand sanitizers in a way which are inconsistent with the labeling on the bottle.  The team at safeHands is also guilty of this.

We took a blob of traditional alcohol based hand sanitizer and lit it on fire.  Then we used a bottle of our safehands hand sanitizer and extinguished the flame.   Why did we do this? First,  to show how flammable alcohol based hand sanitizer can be. Second, we wanted to demonstrate that our hand sanitizer is non-flammable to the point where we could snuff out a small fire.

Enjoy the video and please DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!


flammable hand sanitizer

Jimmy Houston and safeHands®

Boy oh boy! safeHands® alcohol free hand sanitizer and Americas Favorite Fisherman Jimmy Houston have teamed up to bring you Jimmy Houston’s safeHands.

You can find Jimmy Houston’s safeHands hand sanitizer exclusively at The Outdoor Shopper.

To learn more watch the video below as Dr. J explains how he invented safeHands®. Jimmy Houston talks about how he shakes a lot of hands and handles a lot of fish. He says safeHands alcohol free hand santizer is perfect for his hands.


Click Here for more information on Jimmy Houston’s safeHands Hand sanitizer.

Fragrance Free Hand Sanitizer

Does the smell of hand sanitizer have your head spinning. Unscented or fragrance alcohol free hand santizer is available from safeHands.  We know your hands can be sensitive to alcohol and your nose may be sensitive to smells. That is why we have our foaming scent free formula.

safeHands is available in major retail stores.  For larger orders or for institutional use please contact us.




Free Hand Sanitizer for a Year!!!

Yes, we said free!! Would you like, your family, classroom, classmates or date to be germ free?.. of course you do. You WILL be sick not to enter this contest.  We are going to pick a winner every month.

UPDATED: Our CEO Dr. J said in addition to winning a years worth of safeHands, you will also win an iPad!!  (16GB WiFi Value from Apple Store $399)

Here’s what you got to do.

Go to Walgreens and take a photo of safeHands (free) or buy a bottle and take a photo of you with the bottle or while using it.  Like us on Facebook and post your photo on our page. It’s that simple.

There will be a winner each month. Winner will be announced the 15th of each month.

There is no purchase necessary.

Kill germs without killing your hands and use safeHands alcohol free hand santizer.


The Best Hand Sanitizer In The World!

We are the number 1, hands down, best hand sanitizer in the land.  Why do you think safeHands in the best hand santizer in the world?

Here are a few reasons why we think we are the best in the World when it comes to sanitizers.

We kill germs 99.99% of them.

Invented by a doctor.

Best Sanitizer in The World

Best Hand Sanitizer in The World

Alcohol Free

Non animal testing

Use safeHands on hands or fingers with papercuts without sting.





Non – Flammable

Kid Safe

School Safe


Costs less per serving

What are some reasons you can think why safeHands would  be the Best Hand Sanitizer in the World??



safePaws Sanitizing Pet Wipes Coming Soon

safepaws pet wipes

pet wipes sanitizersafePaws alcohol free pet wipes are coming soon to our safeHands family of products.  We will keep you posted on the launch of this new line of pet sanitizer.





Find safeHands Alcohol Free Sanitizer At Safeway Stores

Safeway grocery stores now carry Alcohol Free safeHands Hand Sanitizer Foam. You can call your local Safeway to find out the exact store that carries safeHands or you can safehands-safeway CLICK HERE to find safeHands® hand sanitizers at a local Safeway near you.


hand santiizer


Foaming Hand Sanitizer – But Why?

safeHands uses a foaming pump to disperse its germ killing formula.  The main reason is that users of safeHands will save money in the long run because you will use less product than applying a gel to your hands.  If you have ever used a traditional hand santizer gel, you are more than likely familiar that gels tend to slip right off the hand. Because our santizer foams, it clings to the skin.  It’s not sticky, its from the tiny bubbles that help our formula kill germs, soothe and hydrate your hands.

Hand Sanitizer Foam

Foam Clings To Hands

If you have ever dropped hand sanitizer on furniture or leather seats, you may have noticed stains. safeHands won’t stain your leather seats or furniture. If alcohol based hand santizer can ruin leather, imagine what it may be doing to your skin.

So for a hydrating sanitizing experience, check out our line of safeHands alcohol free hand santizers at a store near you.

What are some other reasons you like safeHands alcohol free hand santiter?

Alcohol Free Canada

safeHands is the #1 doctor invented alcohol free hand sanitizer.  Our brands are sold all over the world.  Schools in the United States are making the switch to alcohol free hand sanitizers due to ingestion and flammability of hand sanitizers containing alcohol.


With the recent news regarding two deaths assoicated with the ingestion of methanol based hand sanitizer, Heath Canada has issued a recall of this alcohol based sanitizer.  (Source: http://www.healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel-avis/hc-sc/2013/36469a-eng.php

Health Canada made the following statement about the recall:

Health Canada is working with the company that makes “name withheld” and is in the process of independently testing additional samples of the product. Initial results have identified the presence of methanol, an undeclared ingredient, in the following products: Bodico Hand Sanitizer (8fl oz, Lot B9002) and Bodico Hand Sanitizer with Aloe and Vitamin E (8fl oz, Lot B9001).


If you are in Canada and experience adverse reactions with alcohol based hand sanitizer, you are urged to file a report. A report can be filed  here >>  http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/dhp-mps/medeff/report-declaration/index-eng.php


Related News:  Health Canada probes two Ont. deaths linked to ingesting hand sanitizer.

canada no alcohol sanitizer

A Must On Any Back To School List

For back to school, we got your hands covered and germ free.  Schools and PTA’s from around the country have been asking about alcohol free safeHands® Foaming hand sanitizers.  We kill 99.99% of the germs on your hands.

When your child’s teacher asks for hand santizer, give them a bottle of alcohol free safeHands® Foaming hand sanitizer.


  You’ll love the switch to our alcohol free hand sanitizers.
BUS-alcohol free safehands in schools


*According to the FDA and CDC – Alcohol Based Hand sanitizers are safe and effective when used in conjunction with the labeling on the bottle.   If you can do so, always use soap and water to wash your hands according to CDC standards.