#SafeKids Event West Hollywood California

Did you know preventable injuries are the number one cause of death to kids in the United States? And around the world, a million children die each year from injuries from car crashes, drowning, fires, falls, poisonings and other tragedies.

This is a problem we can fix.

In April 2014, families and communities across the country are joining together to celebrate Safe Kids Day to raise awareness and resources for Safe Kids Worldwide, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing childhood injuries.

Alcohol Free safeHands Hand Sanitizer Foam has sponsored safekids day in West Hollywood California. There are events planned Saturday April 5th from 12 – 3pm at The Lot 1041 North Formosa Avenue West Hollywood, CA.

Look for safeHands at safeKids day.

Look for safeHands at safeKids day.

Testimonial From MRSA Survivor

Meet Jay Sorensen, he was in the hospital several times after contracting MRSA. From 2006 to 2009 he was in the hospital at least 10 times. Since then he hasn’t had any problems. Watch Jay as he tells you why he hasn’t had MRSA in the past few years.

Thanks Jay for the testimonial. Be big!!

Jay’s story is also featured in the book Superbug: The Fatal Menace of MRSA By Maryn McKenna

Dry Skin? Not With safeHands.

Traditional Hand Sanitizer Causes Dry Skin

  • Alcohol sanitizers kill germs while stripping the skin of its natural oils
  • Alcohol dries your hands, and dry, cracked skin creates an ideal environment for germs
  • Discomfort caused by the drying effects of alcohol can result in non-compliance with hand hygiene mandates in hospitals
  • The soothing effects of using safeHands multiple times daily, will increase compliance dramatically



Not All Alcohol Free Products are Created Equal

safeHands® co-creator, Dr. David Dyer, is world renowned scientist, published in AORN, APIC and several other peer reviewed studies. The active ingredient in safeHands® is Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC), a safe and effective antimicrobial agent used in nose sprays and drops for over 70 years.

Other BAC Sanitizers
  • Contain fragrances & conditioners that inactivate BAC
  • Contain preservatives
  • Have BAC concentrations that exceed FDA limits
  • Leave a sticky residue
  • Optimizes BAC
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • BAC concentration is safe
  • Leaves hands silky smooth


Disadvantages of Alcohol-based Products

  • Highly flammable
  • Toxic
  • Intentional and accidental misuse
  • Currently banned in various schools, treatment centers, and prisons due to poisonings and misuse
  • Strips the hands of natural oils causing cracking and drying, leaving skin exposed and allowing germs to sink deeper into hands


Why safeHands®?

  • Non-toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-drying and skin soothing
  • More persistent germ kill
  • Not absorbed into bloodstream
  • Safe for handling food
  • Does not harm cuticles, nails,  tarnish floors or leather car seats.
  • Smells and feels great
  • Cost effective – 2x as many applications as alcohol gel

Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Norovirus?

We had a customer call us with the question: Does safeHands Kill Norovirus?  Although no hand sanitizer will kill norovirus alone, the CDC recommends using soap and water to keep your hands clean.

However a combination of washing your hands and using an alcohol free hand santizer will keep your skin from drying and cracking which will help keep norovirus out of the cracks of your hands.

However the CDC and EPA recommend hand washing and specific products for killing norovirus.


Coming Soon – safePaws – Sanitizer for Pets No Alcohol

You walk your dog, they are going to get germs on their paws. You may even get germs on your own hands as you clean up after your pet takes care of business.  So the inventor of SafeHands, Dr Jay Reubens, is coming out with a new product called safePaws.  safePaws is an alcohol free hypoallergenic sanitizer for your pet. Users of our original safeHands have been telling us that they are using our product on a paper towel and wiping their pet’s paws with it after they come from outside.  So we have developed a special brand just for pets made of benzalkonium chloride, an alcohol-free antimicrobial agent, that has been widely used in the healthcare industry for years.


If you do your own research, you will find that traditional alcohol based hand santizers are hazardous to animals. You can see some of the symptoms of traditional alcohol hand sanitzer poisoning in pets HERE.

safeHands® Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer at Walgreens

There are over 5000 Walgreens that carry our safeHands® alcohol free line of hand santizers in their stores.  You can find your local Walgreens by visiting the Walgreens website or by using our zip code search to find a store near  you.

safeHands® alcohol free hand sanitizers kill 99.99% of germs while leaving your hands soft.  Find us in the beauty aisle near the other hand sanitizers

You can still purchase safeHands® online but now you can use the convenience of  your local Walgreens to keep your hands germ free, hydrated, soothed and alcohol free.

Find safeHands at your local Walgreens




Triclosan Free Hand Sanitizer

The FDA is currently reviewing Triclosan in sanitizer products : Source: http://www.fda.gov/forconsumers/consumerupdates/ucm205999.htm

Triclosan soaps and hand sanitizers  issues have been well chronicled since the mid 1990’s.

But we at safeHands®, know that safety is important to you.

Our products are Triclosan free and Alcohol free.

They will stay that way…

It’s all starts with safeHands®!!!


Statement from CEO Dr Jay Reubens of safeHands®:

“Alcohol Free safeHands® sanitizer foam uses benzalkonium chloride (BAC) which has been used in eye drops, nose sprays and mouthwashes for years.    The issues with triclosan have been well chronicled since the mid 1990’s Tufts Medical studies. safeHands® does not contain nor will it ever contain triclosan.”




Explore Google Flu Trends

Do you want to know when the flu hits your area? Google has come up with a search engine where you can explore flu trends in your area.   You can search by your state or country.  Google even allows you to download this data.

You can check out Google’s Flu Trends by clicking here or just check out the chart that Google allowed us to place on this post.

As always, nothing beats plain soap and water for keeping your hands germ free, but when you need your hands germ free on the go, keep Alcohol Free safeHands handy.

safeHands® Joins The Cause To Keep Kids Safe

SafeHands LLC has partnered up with SafeKids Worldwide to promote Safe Kids Day 2014. March is poison prevention month

Did you know that preventable injuries are the #1 killer of children in the U.S. and each year a million families around the world lose a child to these injuries.

We read these stories in the news everyday and as as parents ourselves, we want to help and educate the public about how important child safety is to us.

For more information on how you or your company can get involved check out SafeKids.org

You can also download this free guide Safer in Seven from safeKids.org





National Poison Prevention Week March 16-22 – 2014

The Department of Health and Human Services in the United States has declared March 16 – 22 National Poison Prevention Week.  They have also included free material to prevent poisonings. All the material can be accessed here.

SafeHands promotes safety and awareness on the dangers of alcohol based hand sanitizers.  It is not uncommon in the news to see children ingesting alcohol hand sanitizers that could become fatal if swallowed.

There is plenty of news out there on the dangers of these alcohol based hand sanitizers.

For more information as you begin planning during Poison Prevention Week, contact your local poison control center at 1-800-222-1222

You can also read some of the stories of hand sanitizer poisonings here >>http://goo.gl/jPrTDA