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Good News In The World Of Hand Sanitizers

Our team has a big announcement coming soon. You will soon be able to purchase safehands alcohol free hand sanitizers at  at a major nationwide retail store.

We will keep you posted.

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At safeHands we want to keep your hands germ free and safe from the harsh effects of alcohol.  That’s why we think we are the best hand sanitizer for kids, babies, teachers, moms and classrooms.  Our brand is made of BAC (benzalkonium chloride.) safeHands kills 99.99% of germs while moisturizing your hands.

Getting High On Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers is More Common Than You Think

This is a report from our Canadian friends.

Health Canada and the Coroner’s Office are looking into the  two deaths in Ontario that may be  linked to the drinking of alcohol based hnd sanitizers. Paul Laurin, a Canadian outreach worker with L’Association Des Jeunes De La Rue in Sudbury spoke to the hosts of this radio show about how he deals with people intoxicated  on alcohol based hand sanitizers at least a few times a week. He spoke with the CBC’s Kate Rutherford.

Enough is enough already.



safeHands hand sanitizers are alcohol free and non-flammable.  It’s time to get the alcohol sanitizers out of the schools.


getting drunk on hand sanitizer