Our very own Dr. J Interviewed on NECN in Boston.

Dr. Reubens says with the cold and flu season coming up, one of the things parents need to be aware of is to not leave candy out for children because it’s almost like a petri dish. (Source: http://www.necn.com/10/31/13/Sweets-are-the-treat-but-what-is-the-tri/landing_features.html?blockID=856535&feedID=8498)

Win SafeHands Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer From Woman’s World

Cold and Flu season is here!!!  Woman’s World Magazine is having a contest where you could win SafeHands and a Visa Gift Card to help protect you and your family.

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FDA To Review Hand Sanitizers

With all the recent news about deaths, burns and other issues with alcohol based hand sanitizers, we at SafeHands, just read a report that these hand sanitizers may be toxic. Really?  We have known this for a long time that’s why our products are alcohol free and triclosan free.

According to this report by CNN:

Research has shown that triclosan can disrupt the endocrine system, amplifying testosterone. In animal studies, it reduced muscle strength. It may also harm the immune system. Whether these findings add up to human toxicity isn’t established yet, but the FDA is currently reviewing the issue.

Safehands hand sanitizers do not contain Triclosan or Alcohol.  Washing your hands is ALWAYS BEST. But when your on the go…Safehands is the way to go.


Here is another report from a West Virgina station.

Best Hand Sanitizer For Frequent Use

Tis the season for colds and flu bugs.  The CDC says keeping your hands clean will help you from receiving and spreading these viruses.  But we all know that soap and water isn’t available all the time in certain situations.  Most people pull out the hand sanitizer to kill germs. However frequent use of alcohol based hand sanitizers can dry out your skin.  With cold weather comes drier air and these could mean dry and cracked skin.  Have you ever got alcohol based hand sanitizer into a cut? OUCH!

Our Alcohol FREE hand sanitizers will not dry out your skin so your hands will be germ free and soft.   soft-hands-hand-sanitizer


Sensitive Skin?

We got your hands covered!!  Our formula was developed by a Doctor who always had to keep his hand sanitized.  His hands took years of abuse from alcohol based hand sanitizers.  He couldn’t take the abuse any longer, so he developed SafeHands.  The formulation will kill the germs and not dry out the skin.


So if you use hand sanitizer frequently, beware that you may be doing damage to your skin in the long run.  Give our alcohol free hand sanitizers a try.


Check out what Dr. Oz Has to say about the overuse of Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers.

Dr Jay CEO on SafeHands – Alcohol Free Formulation

Just so you know, the safeHands® alcohol-free formulation was born out of a personal need. Eleven years ago I had a large and thriving dental practice and as an employer of both dentists and hygienists, I was very much aware of the potential danger of germ spread to patients in our office.

Unfortunately, I quickly learned that the frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers forced me as well as many others on my staff to choose between our own personal comfort and the safety of our patients. As my hands became unbearably painful, from the drying and cracking caused by alcohol-based hand sanitizers, I decided to sell my practice and begin a quest to develop a hand soothing germ killing hand sanitizer that actually makes your hands feel better the more you use it.

Thank you for your loyalty.

Dr Jay

CEO of SafeHands