Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispensers For Your School, Healthcare facility, or Restaurant

We at safeHands® want to Safe The Planet! That includes “SAFEing” your school, healthcare facility, or restaurant with our Touch Free Dispensers for our Alcohol Free line of sanitizer products.
Available in white or black, our safeHands® dispensers will fit a 1000ml cartridge of our product. Your students, staff and guests will thank you for the pleasant scent that won’t leave your precious hand dry.
Keep your school, healthcare facility, or restaurant germ- and Alcohol Free with a few of our touch-free dispensers.




Start The New Year Safe


Cold and Flu season is here!

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs is to keep your hands clean. (Source CDC.)  That doesn’t mean drying them out with hand sanitizers that will make your skin feel dry and flakey.

Give our line of alcohol free hand sanitizers a try.   Our safeHands® products are specially formulated to kill germs without drying your skin.


Happy Holidays!!

Keep the bunnies leaping by purchasing only Animal-Friendly, Cruelty-free products…. like safeHands®! Never tested on Animals.
Throughout December, save 20% on your entire order.
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