Join The Alcohol Free Revolution!!

Dr. Jay Reubens, also known as “Dr. Jay,” a former dentist by trade, is on a mission to educate people around the world and promote a next-generation hand sanitizer alternative to combat bacteria and germs, instead of traditional alcohol-based sanitizers. Dr. Jay is the founder of safeHands®®, the world’s first line of soothing and effective Alcohol Free hand sanitizers developed for multiple daily use. On a mission to “Safe the Planet,” Dr. Jay is reaching out globally with his safeHands®®, non-toxic Classic hand sanitizer line and recruiting people to join the Alcohol Free revolution… one hand at a time.

“We want people to learn about alcohol-based sanitizers, and that a soothing, safe and effective germ fighting

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitzer

alternative like safeHands® exists,” says Dr. Jay Reubens, founder and co-inventor of safeHands®® Alcohol Free hand sanitizer products. “We want the public to start spreading truth, not germs,” explains safeHands®® VP of Brand Experience, Dr. Jay.

Dr. Jay has partnered with noted scientist, Dr. David Dyer, to spearhead the research and development of safeHands®® for the international marketplace. In April, 2012, safeHands®® announced its launch of the Classic line, with the development of the entire safeHands®®’ line of products planned before the end of the year. Launching soon is safeSquirts for kids, safeTronics for electronics equipment, and safePaws for pets.

The company has launched where hands around the planet are encouraged to visit and purchase safeHands®® Classic line, which includes foaming, nourishing hand sanitizer bottles and wipes.

safeHands®®’ new brand identity campaign promotes a new revolution, encouraging others to join hands for a “safe” solution and Alcohol Free experience.

To join the safeHands®® Alcohol Free Mission and receive complimentary samples for a limited time, visit or connect with safeHands®® on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

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